Why has English football forgotten the Old Skool rule

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bill shankly“the one two rule for being on the ball”

In today’s football, where skill levels have improved and trumped pure physicality, psychology and the tempo of play have become king.

……think one two and if you still have the ball its too long……….quick passing saves time and effort and forces the opposition to think and therefore react to your tune…….to receive it you have to move…….. pass and move as Mr Shankly always taught us……if you still have it after one two, you really need to do something with it…..lets play some beautiful football in the right tempo……

“Good passing doesn’t mean how good it makes you look, its how good it makes the recipient look and feel.  Your good work will then be reflected by the other player”

“When football is played well the ball develops a life, a momentum, a magic of its own…….the ball containing all the emotions of those who kicked it”

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