To Divide a Kingdom

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A seminal event in the history of Great Britain is hanging over the nations psyche. These dark clouds of uncertainty are weakening our collective strength. The Scottish referendum looms full of menace and will determine the fortune of our island nation for the foreseeable future.

Aside from our numerous problems, which are affecting the entire UK, and will not be solved regardless of result, the Scottish people have legitimate grievances.  They must be sick and tired of being used as a pilot scheme for Westminster’s more deviant ideas.  Over many years, successive governments, including many prominent Scottish ministers and Prime ministers, have taken their eye off the ball and governed as though the country was located solely within the M25. This must stop immediately and I believe the will exists for this to happen.  This resentment has prepared the ground for the SNP as well as other disparate communities in the North of England.

A skillful and intelligent campaign being conducted by Alex Salmond is giving the nationalists the chance to offer the Scottish people the maximum temptation but with the minimum of opportunity.  With two months to go, both yes and no campaigns have countered each others claims to the point of being none the wiser to make any decision on a rational economic basis.  So to delve a little deeper into the implications and magnitude of the decision facing the Scottish people, a couple of facts:

Fact: 2/3rd’s of Scottish exports are sold to the rest of the UK.

Fact: If, after voting yes on the 18th Sep 2014, and only then, will a process of negotiation will begin.  A negotiation after the fact.

Like a messy divorce, the assets will be divided and negotiated, but crucially, only after the relationship has been smashed on the rocks, and without the help of Relate or the Courts.  Human nature dictates, in that scenario, attitudes will harden, the gloves come off and self preservation and self interest prevails. When all hope of reconciliation is lost there is nothing left to lose.  In matters of the heart, things descend into conflict with alarming speed.  Much like a Greek brothel, a “no holes barred” attitude will inevitably occur.  A yes vote for independence is a de facto declaration of economic war.  I beg my Scottish brothers and sisters to resist this gross folly at all costs, so we can solve our problems together, and remember, you never know how much you want a thing until you lose it.


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