The Supertanker

Posted by: on Jun 10, 2014 | No Comments

Britain has the greatest monarchy and most revered judicial system on earth, which grinds slow but fine.  Underneath these pillars of greatness rests a tired and broken society.

A financial system exposed, a once great military neutered, a police force compromised, and a church confused.  Even the SNP have jumped into the void for a dalliance with Independence.

We can be seen drifting, rudderless on a sea of problems, a drug guzzling society, drowning in funny money, staggering from the face painting tent to the gin palace, swinging through the trees lying, gaming and cheating.

This supertanker must be turned, otherwise the illusion of confidence needed to maintain the status quo will only result in deepening inequalities, an inflationary explosion of asset prices, revealing the weeping sores of division.


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