The SNP’s Secret Weapon

Posted by: on Aug 9, 2014 | No Comments

The SNP’s strong and thoughtful campaign appears to be losing a little ground in the Referendum polls, although Alex Salmond must still live in hope as their trump card is still in play to be unleashed.  The voter repellent, Labour leader Joanne Lamont still has further opportunities to scare an undeserving Scottish people with her own special brand of shambles.  I watch her performances in a building cold sweat and that’s before she’s even opened her mouth.  Some people just make you want to run screaming from the room. Leaving my questioned prejudice to one side, to lose this seminal debate of the risks and facts on a matter of personality would be like throwing away the whisky to save the barrel, especially as the Better Together campaign has many strong performers, including her own deputy.

Unfortunately for Mr Salmond, even his tremendous acumen cannot untangle the fact that any advantages are outweighed by the huge risks.   Like going overboard with the lobster pots on a day boat, emotions must be left on the quayside, and only a clear head taken to the polls.


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