The Magic of Zero’s and One’s

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technologyThe magic of zero’s and one’s has brought us mobile telecommunications and obesity, instant access to facts and hell-fire drones, medical advances and EPO guzzling athletes, satellite navigation and free porn. It has brought us deepening inequalities and structural unemployment, the “iphone stoop” and improved car security, social media and narcissism flooding in like the tide. Something else must be holding the march of time back.

They used to say technological improvement would allow us 4 day weekends. Apart from a few baby boomer’s who may be retired, and receiving a pension for longer than they worked, the current proposition for the majority is to work harder, for longer, with no private pension, let alone a final salary one to look forward to. For some, the preference maybe for us to work until we are 80 years old and then drop dead on the supermarket floor, preferably near the cleaning products or back exit to avoid scaring the other shoppers.

We must be aware, when typing into a search engine some amazing things can happen, but also recognise that something else is doing your thinking for you. Your choices offered, your tastes formed, your ideas suggested. Blind faith, like religion, can be a dangerous concept, which to my mind, needs to be resisted at worst and respected at best. If you prefer your search engine algorithm to know you better than your wife or husband, or home help, then go right ahead, but without independent and critical thought, you risk becoming inhuman in your nature.

A campaign is in full swing to acclimatise the society to accept computer technology over personal responsibility, driver-less cars, iglasses, and robotic lovers. No one is suggesting humanity should renounce technology but strong arguments exist that the balance between good and bad, in terms of directional development, is not balanced, let alone fair. The behaviour of technology firms such as Apple, in relation to their tax affairs is a case in point. Abuse of perceived economic strength, playing the weakest against the promise of a few thousand office jobs, for individual, unfair, and discriminatory tax deals. Finally, the EU has made some ground in the case of Apple’s tax arrangements with Ireland, but the problem is widespread and needs to be treated.

To do good, first one must know the direction of travel. That battle may occur naturally within every heart, but unless our leaders have a plan, some house rules, we will only drift rudderless, and as we have seen, humanity abhors a vacuum and that invites chaos. We need to unleash our creative minds in pursuit of technological advances for the power of good.

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