The Big Problem Holding Newcastle Back – Double Trouble

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ashleyNewcastle fans need to liven up.  Lets be honest, Mike Ashley only cares about his asset, and if your still in any doubt, the asset is the captured emotions of Newcastle’s great people.  At every home game 52,000 spend, support and spend again.  Results to Ashley are of secondary importance, so long as the enclosures are full and shirts are selling in Sports Direct with money borrowed from Wonga.

Football fans are not just any old asset to be made to sweat.

Newcastle United could be a great and successful club, unfortunately it will never happen while results are not aligned to scores.  Ashley’s shrewd but deviant manipulation of good people should be resisted at all cost.  A football club should be owned by a supporter, a custodian of the history, tradition and emotional well being of supporters and wider community, striving to win matches while playing the best football possible.  When those stars line up just watch a town’s spirits and productivity soar.

Sociopaths and monopoly men with misaligned interests will ultimately destroy the heart and soul of a club, sowing the seeds of anger, mistrust and discontent, which when fully grown can only be exercised by disharmony and strife. A good starting point in any popular cause is to start a boycott, with the only thing the man cares about, your money, money, money.

22nd March 2015 Update

Newcastle’s Caesar has no clothes


Some wag in the pub last night compared Mike Ashley to “Jabba the Hut” which I understand is a fat deviant creature from a film called Star Wars. For me, Mike Ashley looks down with the captured emotions of Newcastle’s great people in his palm more like Julius Caesar.

Watching the game yesterday I was sure he dreams of “turning his thumb” in the Colosseum. If this really is his desire should we just accept it and let him have a special platform built where he can be fed grapes by Lee Charnley in a loin cloth and make his pronouncements?

At this point I should declare a questioned prejudice towards him. I was always told love and respect are the basics of all good relationships but he sneers with disdain at all the numbers below him, every player and fan simply a profit and loss statement which is performing or not. Football results are immaterial unless his Premiership TV money is at stake which divides everyone into him and us. The Colosseum itself is merely a flashing mind bending advertising board for his zero hours wonga style death grip. Love and respect relegated to the depths of his mind if they exist at all. The guy just doesn’t have Newcastle’s best interests at heart.

When power is monopolised in a single mind it always results in the same thing, exploitation and resentment. The contempt shown is so thinly veiled everyone can see it. The result is that Mr Carver and the team can’t play for the fans because of Caesar’s hand.

Fortunately this council has a silver lining. Either Newcastle go down and he agrees to sell the club to the fans or his power, like Caesar’s, is seen as merely transitory because like all illusions they are built on sand which when exposed are eroded with alarming speed by natural changes in the weather.

Howay the Lads

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