The Art of the Interview

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newsnightPolitics is going really well if you like bland, dumbed down nonsense, devoid of vision or hope.  The public are crying out for an alternative truth.  Trust in politicians and other “representatives” has never been lower.  To prevent the public from believing the “political interview” is merely an orchestrated obfuscation of private vested interests a change in delivery is urgently needed.  May I humbly suggest, at the start of every interview a disclosure of prejudice, questioned or not, should be communicated.  It could be called the “Disclosure of Interests”

This list should include: employer(s), membership of political societies or associations, religion, sexual orientation

Private polling has revealed that 77% of respondents agreed with the proposition: “the political interview is neither open or transparent”.

Failure to act on this vital issue would further convey to the public that the main stream of media has no real desire to hold the executive to account.  Some may say the press is already plumbing the depths of creditability as purveyors of thinly veiled propaganda, but unless we raise the “general standard” we will never be able to compete in this brave new world.

Some decision makers have the habit of looking down on the general public for not being able to reel off an interesting anecdote about Apollo or Dionysus, but this misjudges the ability of the common lot and the purpose of politics to argue, decide and unite for a greater good.  People should be loving UK politics as it is one of the few places you can express legitimate prejudice towards an individual. Everyone is part of the commentariat, but only a few know it.

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