The Trump Infomation War

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Sleepers Awake

The Trump Information War

In Pursuit of Sound Money 3

BBC1′s Panorama to get first female editor in 20 years

7 Sep 2016 17:24

Unless she starts with investigating The Virus, as it’s known in banking circles, or the Clinton Crime Syndicate, it will be just more black-op propaganda, unhealthy prolefood, designed to give the illusion of probity from a thoroughly untrustworthy actor.

BBC receives complaints over Parkinson’s depiction

7 Sep 2016 20:02

Why are people complaining, nothing the BBC does is balanced or based in fact. The entire rationale of the national propagandist is to sell a conspiracy for the banking cartel, namely that a created debt pyramid scheme is in the best interests of the majority.

There is an antidote to the failed humanity of the Calais wall

7 Sep 2016 20:15

Announcement to all London burglars: Susanne Moore doesn’t lock the doors of her house.

There is an antidote to the failed humanity of the Calais wall

7 Sep 2016 20:40

This is an allegory of SM’s cave

Announcement to all London burglars: Susanne Moore doesn’t lock the doors of her house.

Justine Greening confirms plan to lift ban on grammar schools

8 Sep 2016 12:42

The Govt is floundering around in the shallows, devoid of morality or intellectual authority. As the country heads for the rocks the captain is operating in a parallel fantasy, disconnected from reality, dispossessed of reason. In this brave new world, the old lies and spin can’t repel the waves of truth that broadside the crippled vessel.

Theresa May, a safe pair of hands as prime minister? Don’t you believe it

8 Sep 2016 13:50

I’ve had a good look around Theresa May’s cave and I can report that it’s a gaping hole of deception, which reeks of bad ideas and fishy motivations. No amount of misfortune will make-up for the pestilence this woman will spread.

8 Sep 2016 13:25

She makes me shudder and want to run screaming from the room.

Clinton and Trump preview foreign policy points at forum – campaign live

8 Sep 2016 15:00

Hilary Clinton’s evacuation that “US troops will never set foot in Iraq again” is the work of genius, that is if you want the continuation of IS. She has, in just in 9 words gifted them a safe-space, an area of refuge. With strategic reasoning like that, what else could go wrong?

Clinton knows: in the new economy, caring is crucial

8 Sep 2016 20:25

The super-predator’s minion tries to conflate caring with the name Clinton. Only a fully infected carrier of PSD virus will lap that nonsense up.

These globalists who want to spread the pyramid scheme of debt across the globe on behalf of the banking cartel and multinationals are a real and present danger to humanity. Wake up people, shake off the chains of ignorance. The sun doesn’t rise in the morning because the cockerel crows.

Theresa May persists with selection of the fittest

11 Sep 2016 09:44

Theresa May persists with selection of the fittest

I’m terribly sorry, this just isn’t the case. I don’t dismiss Amber Heard because she wears a strap-on and waxes her back twice a week, I object because she’s just a box ticking primitive propagandist who just satisfies the desire of the Home Office for a sock puppet.

Brexit and Trump are too important for ‘shadows’ and ‘questions’

11 Sep 2016 10:25

To be an acclaimed economist means you promote the status quo in economic thinking. The mainstream media white wash economics and therefore cannot claim any journalistic balance. Krugman promotes unsound money and an unaccountable State, a pyramid scheme of debt built on the suffering of the next generation.

The establishment is a despicable creature. Clinton is the political arm of this moral and fraudulent cartel with the entire mainstream corporate media supporting this rampant corruption. As the truth percolates through society the establishment will face a growing deterioration of confidence, meaning the smart move for members of the mainstream media is to leave the sinking ship and join the enlightenment.

Why would the EU appease the deluded Brexiters?

11 Sep 2016 11:47

Unionism, not Globalism, will be the credo.

Owen Smith: Labour should seek British return to EU if Brexit means Tory austerity

11 Sep 2016 12:01

Strawman Alert.

Brexit and Tory austerity have nothing to do with each other. This coward cant admit to the electorate that money is unlimited for Govt. His lies are weak and as everyone can see, transparent.

I cough at all the wrong times. Thank God I’m not Hillary Clinton

11 Sep 2016 12:17

I’ve run Hillary Clinton through the computer and I can tell you that her coughing is triggered by the truth. Ceteris paribus, if she stops coughing she’ll be telling a lie.

Hillary Clinton’s best riposte to Trump? Radical transparency

11 Sep 2016 21:17

Jill Abramson is doing her best to defend the indefensible and paint black as white but the games up. Everyone knows Hilary Clinton is the establishment candidate whose sole purpose is to keep all the corruption covered up. In most cases everybody loves a grovelling proselyte but Hilary is too far gone.

Bank of England deputy governor quits after two years

12 Sep 2016 18:07

The banking cartel PSD carrying minion jumps straight into the Fabian pit of hell and confirms her treacherous globalist colours.

Bank of England attacked over 50% pension contributions

12 Sep 2016 13:29

It’s institutional corruption of the highest order. The rationale is to keep the technocrats, and their minions, isolated from the effects of their work and disconnected from the real world. This way, the technocrats can continue spreading their pestilence without internal resistance.

Why we should have fewer children: to save the planet

12 Sep 2016 18:14

Nature abhors the Pyramid Scheme of Debt.

Maria Miller: ‘Young people need sensible, grounded sex education at school’

12 Sep 2016 20:09

Young people need sound money, not a pyramid scheme of debt which is designed to impoverish them. Discussing anything else is a diversion. Reinstating sound money is the battleground in 21st Century warfare.

Great British Bake Off: Channel 4 to broadcast show as BBC loses rights

12 Sep 2016 19:00

The BBC is a failed organisation, only Armando Iannucci or Ian le Frenais can save them now.

Fit for office? A brief history of leaders’ illnesses

12 Sep 2016 19:20

Patient Clinton should be put out in top field not trying to cover up the institutional corruption of the Washington establishment.

Hillary Clinton has allowed Trump to claim vindication

12 Sep 2016 20:47

Freedland is a basket case. He plumbs new depths of creditability with very utterance. Like a self-deluded cult member he cannot admit he’s wrong, compounding lies upon lies, his confessionals are becoming legendary milestones of what wont transpire. Keep up the bad work, you’re doing the truth a favour on a daily basis.

Theresa May’s incompetence is creating an opposition within her own party

13 Sep 2016 09:22

I’ve had a good look round Theresa May’s cave and I can report that, as a repressed sadist, she thrives on inflicting pain and punishment. Unless she’s incarcerating, expelling or torturing she will be restless and unhappy. This, coupled with a visceral hatred of change, is why she was the establishment’s preferred candidate as PM.

Polymer £5 notes to enter circulation today

13 Sep 2016 11:07

Behind the soft soap of this non-story, the inconvenient truth is that Govt is out of control.

All individuals have to operate within limits, also known as rules and laws, yet govt, with its access to unlimited printed money, operates above the law to rules of their own making. This makes the relationship between the governors and the governed unbalanced, in fact authoritarian.

Until sound money is re-instated, limited in nature, govt will be operating a thinly veiled tyranny.

UK inflation remains unchanged at 0.6%

13 Sep 2016 11:49

The inflation figures are meaningless. The number will be gamed to deliver whatever is required.

Because the govt is operating with fundamentally unsound and unlimited money, a pyramid scheme of debt, everything they do is predicated on gaming the population. It’s literally a confidence game with govt the con artist and the public the mark.

Only sound money, limited in nature, can restore trust in govt.

The Tories are using the boundary changes for ruthless gerrymandering

13 Sep 2016 12:17

There is a first time for everything, I agree with Owen Jones.

The Tories claiming this is the vehicle to ensure fairness and equality is beyond satire. Gutless Labour MP’s should be looking for pitch forks not whimpering in the Strangers Bar.

Bank of England extends quantitative easing to overseas companies

13 Sep 2016 12:31

The Bank of England’s tent stinks like a globalist paedophile’s dungeon.

Corbyn presses May over grammar schools at PMQs – Politics live

14 Sep 2016 12:24

Another shuddering performance from Theresa May which encapsulates the moral and intellectual vacuum at the heart of government.

How role-playing shaped the Clintons’ marriage

14 Sep 2016 10:33

The truth and Suzanne Goldenberg never collide.

Hillary Clinton, ‘weak’? Not from where I’m standing

14 Sep 2016 17:09

Jessica Valenti is right; her body maybe failing but Clinton’s mind remains fizzing with criminal intent. From the Foundation to the numerous killings, it is a personal crime wave which needs to come to an end.

Bank of England to assess Brexit impact at rate-setting meeting – business live

15 Sep 2016 09:34

The inconvenient truth is that the BofE is operating a financial tyranny of Babylonian proportions.

The appearance of free markets and price discovery is long gone, instead they have rigged all the important markets with their unaccountable balance sheet. We now live in Command and Control economy working only for the elites and their cronies. The media are complicit in this deception and their corruption is engulfing society.

The UK is sleep walking into a Marxist tyranny and all because of the bank’s pyramid scheme of debt.

Hinkley Point C nuclear power station gets government green light

15 Sep 2016 08:48

This is a hideous deal negotiated by children. The number of assumptions needed to arrive at £92.50 mwh is mind minding and all negative. Society would have long broken down before this price was competitive. The public are being fleeced.

Clinton returns to campaign trail ‘fully recovered’ from pneumonia

16 Sep 2016 09:42

Hilary Clinton is totally dishonest, she’s the type who would take money from a collection box.

Don’t compare BBC pay with the private sector – or Theresa May’s

16 Sep 2016 09:27

Let’s face it, the BBC is unique in so many ways. Sky doesn’t pretend to be impartial, it represents the greed and loathing of corporate globalism, but aunty claims to be impartial, which is quite frankly, laughable. For example, when it comes to money and economics they promote only the unsound pyramid scheme of debt, completely ignoring the alternative, sound money, limited in nature. This is the elephant in the room, and why the BBC is a thoroughly unbalanced and untrustworthy organisation.

Jeremy Corbyn is no leader. He’s not even interested in unifying our party

16 Sep 2016 11:07

Ben Bradshaw fails to admit to himself that the Labour Party is in a battle over conviction and principle. Jeremy Corbyn has some and the old Blairities do not. Corbyn’s ideology will never be successful until he converts to the economics of sound money but up against the shape shifting fabian globalist rebels he wins every time. People respect conviction, ideas and principles, whether they agree with them or not.

Mark ‘Carnage’ Carney fields questions from Coventry schoolchildren

16 Sep 2016 20:08

As a leading financial paedophile Mark Carney will have been positively fervent about his school visit.

On the throne: what it’s like to use the Guggenheim’s solid gold toilet

16 Sep 2016 19:42

Without the gold standard America has gone down the toilet, and is now trying to satisfy its obsession with financial paedophilia.

Trump hints at Clinton’s assassination again after retracting ‘birther’ theory

17 Sep 2016 10:00

In response to rustyschwinnToo

Cosseted in your own ignorance you believe the US govt, and the status quo, is measured and responsible, yet behind the curtain it’s running a pyramid scheme of debt, enslaving the majority and ensuring rampant inequality both within and across generations. You’ve been sold a whopping lie and need to educate yourself.

17 Sep 2016 09:08

The point being made here is that it’s hypocritical for someone who wants to ban guns to be constantly surrounded by them. Hilary Clinton wants govt to have a monopoly on lethal force which helps it become corrupt and tyrannical in nature.

There’s no magic wand – creating jobs won’t simply solve the world’s problems

17 Sep 2016 10:18

In response to TechnicalEphemera

That’s the argument for “I can’t stop beating my wife because she might get up and call the police”.

17 Sep 2016 10:12

In response to Gelion

Under the true gold standard the US enjoyed the most prosperous time in its history.

Unsound money (the growth of the pyramid scheme of created debt) has caused two world wars, the great depression, and this latest abomination. The public have been so well trained that they’ve come to accept their enslavement.

17 Sep 2016 09:20

A new gold-standard, sound money, limited in nature, is the only thing which will solve the world’s problems.

No sleep till November: this election may be the most exhausting one yet

17 Sep 2016 16:57

In response to simpledino

You’ve made a strong case to remove Hilary Clinton from the levers of power.

17 Sep 2016 15:57

One of the reasons for the extended Presidential campaign is examine the candidate’s stamina. I have to say, Hilary Clinton is unsuitable for this reason alone.

Elizabeth Warren is still mad about the financial crash, and we should be too

17 Sep 2016 15:30

In response to PottyPants

If left to continue, it ends in total war or total authoritarian tyranny.

17 Sep 2016 15:24

People need to realise that the pyramid scheme of debt is the one and only, apex issue of the times. The mainstream media won’t talk about it because they are professional recruiters for the scheme and therefore working against the best interests of the majority. People need to start withdrawing consent and demanding from their representatives the return of sound money, linking humanity back to nature.

17 Sep 2016 15:11

If the US Govt was honest it would never have allowed the pyramid scheme of debt, which constitutes the USD, to operate. As a result, it is completely corrupt to the core. The best hope is to vote Trump and start auditing the Federal Reserve.

Fed to end guessing game over interest rates move

18 Sep 2016 09:12

The Federal Reserve is the physical manifestation of a global criminal banking cartel operating a giant pyramid scheme of created debt designed to trickle real assets to the top. The bottom of the pyramid is made up of young Guardian hacks who act as recruiters for the poor souls expected to pay the ever inflated prices.

The PSD virus has infected entire countries and entire systems, corrupting everything in its path. It causes the dark side of government to conduct false flags events, such as in NY, and other distractions to maintain the status quo. Until sound money is reinstated the world will become more divided, more tyrannical and more dangerous.

Channel 4 needs Bake Off, if only to pay the bills

18 Sep 2016 09:22

Channel 4 is a pulsing orifice of globalist propaganda. The disinformation evacuated by the operatives and plausible crazies of C4 News, on a daily basis, is like looking into a Tesco bag containing an aborted foetus. In all rites it should be shut down.

The BBC needs more courage to thrive

18 Sep 2016 10:27

The BBC needs to realign its moral compass and magnetic north points to renouncing the role of leading recruiter for the pyramid scheme of debt virus.

Why do we steer so many 18-year-olds towards university before they are ready?

19 Sep 2016 09:55

Don’t play dumb Dowling, the entire system is predicated on getting the proles into debt as early as possible, adding that extra layer onto the pyramid scheme. Once enslaved, and broken in, they will acquiesce and act as passive recruiters (just as you’re doing), especially if they get leveraged into the housing bubble, and all enforced by cognitive dissonance and the desire for herd compliance.

The idea of a ‘post-truth society’ is elitist and obnoxious

19 Sep 2016 12:00

In response to bryanyali

Au contraire, they are not enlightened, the banking cartel are the darkness.

19 Sep 2016 11:12

In response to Not Strictly Necessary

Rule No2 of the Confidence Game (Con): Don’t tell the mark that you’re deceiving them.

19 Sep 2016 10:47

In response to bryanyali

Yes, I agree with your sentiments in the first paragraph. As for your second paragraph, when you started to dribble, you clearly don’t understand the implications of created debt and the inverted reality of a confidence game being operated by the banks.

19 Sep 2016 09:42

In response to Not Strictly Necessary

I don’t know what level in the pyramid scheme you are, but you’re a recruiter, and you’ll have to face the truth at some time.

19 Sep 2016 09:11

The reason you can’t trust experts is because you can’t trust the people they represent, ultimately the govt which has been captured by the banking cartel and their pyramid scheme of created debt.

Allow me to explain. Imagine 100 scientists being funded by a single source and that source believed black was white, or that child sacrifice was good, then soon enough, all the scientists would believe the same, otherwise they would cease to be scientists. Money can corrupt, but unsound money corrupts absolutely.

When the money is counterfeit, so will the experts put up to defend it.

Universities fear UK’s global reputation in jeopardy due to Brexit

19 Sep 2016 12:21

The globalists, who espouse a one world tyranny under the pyramid scheme of debt, have infiltrated every crack and crevasse of the establishment. They need to be isolated, exposed and shown the door so that the collective mind can be woken from its trance and purged of the darkness.

Shappi Khorsandi on sex education: ‘We need to be less prudish’

20 Sep 2016 10:55

Of slightly more importance is the standard of financial education in the UK. It should be considered appalling but unfortunately it’s dumbed down by design. The subject of money and monetary economics is so distorted that you can become a prof or MPC member and remain pig ignorant about the true nature of money, yet confident in the learnt behaviour dished up by the status quo.

The goal of the education system is to create amenable and functioning debt slaves, awake to follow orders and suggestion offered to them but asleep to their real purpose. This may shock you, but the deviousness of the criminal mind knows no bounds. This state of ignorance is achieved by obfuscating the truth about money created from debt. The banks are operating a pyramid scheme of debt and everyone is involved either as new targets (children) or passive recruiters (adults who espouse the status quo). It’s a giant confidence game played by inverting the truth and creating a reality where the masses believe that something fundamentally bad is a good.

In all rites, Tom Naysburn’s The Pyramid Scheme of Debt should be essential reading for every schoolchild and parent alike.

Mike Ashley: I didn’t know about the problems at Sports Direct – business live

20 Sep 2016 10:14

In response to Flimflam5

I’ve made a study of him. Doing Ashley’s PR must be emotionally rewarding.

20 Sep 2016 09:51

Many people would like to parade Mike Ashley down the high st wearing nothing but his pants and a pink lead to the stocks for some free throws but we must rise above his medieval standards of treatment and instead expose his true nature and motivations.

Mike Ashley is a calculating sociopath with strong psychopathic tendencies who’s learnt to act. He enjoys the pain of others and the treatment of his warehouse staff etal is by design and provides him with strong feelings of arousal. Until the country is taken back from the globalist banks and multinationals people like this will continue to be the acceptable face of pseudo-capitalism.

Tom Watson urges Labour to ‘put band back together’ in case of snap election

20 Sep 2016 09:58

Tom Watson is like a ZX Spectrum, he’s using obsolete intellectual equipment and more suited to a job as steward and barman at his local Working Mens Club.

Why Facebook is public enemy number one for newspapers, and journalism

20 Sep 2016 10:31

In response to jasonbirder

The deviant algorithm is like a having a personal torturer who doesn’t get tired and is constantly developing new forms of abuse. It’s scientific evil and anyone who values humanity should resist the technocracy in all its forms.

20 Sep 2016 10:10

Professor Greenslade is right, Facebook is up there with the apex evils of our time. Apart from being backed by the Intelligence Services, who gain tremendously from its existance, it’s a technology designed to enslave and control. The deviant algorithm should be removed from service by any means necessary, before it’s too late.

Corbyn victory? It’s a strangely liberating feeling

20 Sep 2016 11:40

Fetch the stick, bury the bone – fetch the stick, bury the bone.

It’s a hard life for a hack when nobody wants what they’re selling.

Fix London’s housing crisis – and the north’s economy? Yes. There is a way

20 Sep 2016 12:09

Absolutely right. This is the gold standard test of Theresa May and the government’s real motivations and loyalties.

Theresa May gives debut address to UN general assembly – as it happened

20 Sep 2016 20:39

Half baked drivel interspersed with a single truth, a Freudian slip, when she said criminal gangs were a “match”, bravo.

Am I a socialist? You asked Google – here’s the answer

21 Sep 2016 09:07

Zoe Williams is like a misfiring bird scarer and a likely Fabian globalist infiltrator, posing as a car reviewer. I have been following her progress and she’s clearly developed the taste for corruption, her principles unravelling like a hookers moral compass. All this left/right divide and rule nonsense is a distraction from the true centre ground, which is occupied by the politics of sound and honest money, this is where fairness and equality will be found.

Trump and Brexit add yet more spice to Ryder Cup’s theatres of cultural war

21 Sep 2016 11:55

Donald Trump must start to operate on the Federal Reserve, remove the pyramid scheme of created debt and re-instate sound money, which is sustainable in nature. The American people are exhausted having to carry around the Fed’s yoke.

Trump’s plan to seize Iraq’s oil: ‘It’s not stealing, we’re reimbursing ourselves’

21 Sep 2016 12:33

The centre-ground is not where the majority think it is. The reason is very simple, the status quo, the pyramid scheme of debt, is, by its very nature, extreme.

Most people passively consume the words of the BBC and the mainstream media verbatim. This is why nothing makes and sense to them. They view events through rose tinted, propaganda distorted, glasses. God fearing, honest and law abiding people want to believe the world is good like them, but the inconvenient truth is that the world has long since tipped the scales into the dominion of the criminally minded such as Hilary Clinton.

Dominated by the banking cartel and the pyramid scheme of debt, evil intent has infiltrated all institutions of govt and is planning further attacks. It must be resisted and driven back. Pick up anything you can find and politically hammer these evildoers with the truth, demanding the abolition of the Federal Reserve and the reinstatement of sound money.

Markets await Federal Reserve interest rate decision – business live

21 Sep 2016 18:25

Brace yourselves for another barrage of lies and diversions. Yellen tells so many lies she doesn’t have a tell, unlike John Kerry who tastes the air when he evacuates an untruth. Kerry has been hissing over the past few days.

The Trump Foundation: what’s known is shocking. We need to know more

21 Sep 2016 19:09

Fetch the stick, bury the bone, fetch the stick, bury the bone. The hypocrisy of Jill Abramson knows no limit.

Miaow! Row over harm done by domestic cats sends fur flying

21 Sep 2016 19:34

I often think the Guardian has the odour of a dirty litter tray and the cats who occupy the London office should be kept on a leash for the good of wider society.

Young Britons living in ‘suspended adulthood’, research finds

22 Sep 2016 10:55

Listen up millennial’s. The consequences of the huge unsustainable bubble of debt and narcissistic greed cannot be undone without administering some righteous retribution. What better way to focus those consequences onto the “group” who caused the problem in the first place. The elites of the baby boomer generation have the most to lose and the poorest have the most to gain from the reintroduction of sound money and sustainable economics. Let’s make it so before it’s too late.

We millennials need to fight if we’re not to be left behind

22 Sep 2016 10:24

Those who believe in honesty, integrity and fairness will also believe that sound money trumps the pyramid scheme of debt which enslaves the future in unrepayable bondage while ensuring the majority of real assets are trickled up to a few at the expense of the many who suffer from falling standards of living as rent and debt slaves.

The status quo is neither truthful, honest or fair, and because the mainstream is so morally and intellectually corrupt all discussion and debate is being censored and suppressed. What a state of affairs. The re-instatement of sound money, sustainable in nature, is what your slave-masters don’t want, and therefore, in your best interests.

William and Kate urged to confront past colonial wrongs in Canada

23 Sep 2016 08:58

Yeah, yeah, yeah and Lawrence of Arabia was a paedophile.

The Canadian’s trying to take the high moral ground is a bit rich, instead of leather belts you’re thrashing your children with a far more sinister corrective tool, unsound money of mutually assured destruction, a pyramid of scheme of created debt, a soft kill virus aimed into the hearts and minds your children. They are under your financial and psychological assault, shouldered with the uncarriable burden of your largesse and despicable nature.

So, the Canadian Govt, have a good look in the mirror before you start shooting.

Labour is trapped in the past – as is Corbyn. Can the party learn how to win again?

24 Sep 2016 17:33

The Liberal consensus is failing because the entire movement is based on lies and deceit. Liberals, also known as globalists, fabians, neoliberals, think that anybody who doesn’t want a single world government, run by a small elite on behalf of the fiat banking cartel and multinational monopolists, is a deplorable racist or bigot. What they don’t tell you is that such concentrations of power always have, and do, lead to authoritarian tyranny and total corruption.

Just take a look around, the police state is being formed and militarized and a technocratic panopticon is being created. The financial system rigged with unsound, unaccountable and unlimited money enslaving populations in a web of debt while choice, opportunity and difference is being destroyed. The destination for globalism is a ubiquitous grey wasteland controlled by a small elite and the machine, with the human becoming usurped and useless, and therefore unnecessary.

As for Jeremy Corbyn, he has rightly identified the problem but his solution is based on failed ideas of the past. Only sound money can re-establish trust in govt and prize the corruption and lies from its heart, thereby creating a sustainable future for all, not just a few.

Barack Obama’s ‘Asian pivot’ failed. China is in the ascendancy

25 Sep 2016 09:30

Barack Obama has been a deadbeat failure in every conceivable context leaving the American people despairing at the status quo.

How driverless cars could change our whole future

25 Sep 2016 09:42

In response to ecommpro

When you finish shaking your cage, you might like to think about the consequences of relinquishing self-responsibility to AI. You will eventually conclude that becoming less useful brings you closer to becoming unnecessary. The vast majority, the working class, have many enemies but AI and robots are near the top of the list.

25 Sep 2016 09:13

Only slaves suffering from Stockholm syndrome would want driverless cars.

If you can’t beat Jeremy Corbyn, you’d better try to learn from him

25 Sep 2016 10:03

Don’t kid yourselves Mr Rawnsley, Corbyn is an economic incompetent and can be run through at any time. I must declare a prejudice; he has refused to sign the official petition to re-instate sound money being sent to Phillip Hammond.

John McDonnell proposes raising minimum wage to £10 an hour – Politics live

26 Sep 2016 12:56

In response to cherryredguitar

The monetary status quo, the pyramid scheme of created debt, is fundamentally unsound.

26 Sep 2016 12:55

In response to ID7805174

The Conservatives represent the rapacious greed of the existing wealthy and big business. The Labour are supposed to represent the best interests of the working class.

26 Sep 2016 12:49

While I agree with the tax avoidance and anti-TIPP policy, the keystone of this economic plan is unsound. Borrowing money, which is created for the purpose, especially with no intention of repaying, is progressing the status quo, the pyramid scheme of debt, which is designed to entrench inequality, reduce the living standards of the majority and all on the backs of the children, the next generation. Anyone voting for Mcdonnell’s policy is doing the bidding of the banking cartel, entrenching their own suffering, turkeys who vote for Christmas.

Hillary: here’s what you need to do to ace the debate

26 Sep 2016 12:15

In response to Grabyrdy

Fractional Reserve banking caused the Great Depression. Two World War’s were also caused by the unsound money you claim to support.

26 Sep 2016 11:33

Hilary Clinton has one chance to stabilise her faltering campaign, she must turn back from the pyramid scheme of debt.

Sound money is a self-perpetuating force for good, appealing to our better nature. Dishonest, confidence game, backed by falling living standards, rising inequality and the suffering of the next generation, who don’t get to vote, is the apex evil of our times. People voting for the status quo are progressing policies which entrench their own suffering; they are turkeys who vote for Christmas.

Turner prize 2016 exhibition review – bleak and baffling, but no bum deal

26 Sep 2016 17:25

This celebration of ugliness maybe a fitting allegory of the times but Turner appreciated beauty and high jacking his name is tantamount to pissing on his grave.

BBC denies iPlayer password plans are part of licence fee crackdown

28 Sep 2016 09:28

The BBC is like a crooked flower shop which only allows feminised species to bloom, which away from public view in the dark basement, they plan and scheme with evil intent while making offerings on their altar of satanic child sacrifice.

Why class won’t go away

27 Sep 2016 10:42

Be under no illusion, the financial system is rigged to produce and maintain a divided society, as George Orwell noted, between the establishment and the proletariat. As overt slavery became harder to justify, it was replaced, over the last 100 years, by the new updated version, THE PYRAMID SCHEME OF DEBT. Run by the Federal Reserve and BofE, on behalf of the American-anglo establishment and the banks, it is a financial scheme designed to fleece and enslave the poor and young in debt to the benefit of the rich and old.

Rich set against poor; the old set against young; the establishment set against the working class. At the top of the pyramid scheme is the established rich and old, feeding on the bottom of the pyramid, the latest poor and young proles. Use this declassified intelligence wisely.

‘I’ve got the power,’ sang Super Sadiq

27 Sep 2016 19:58

Sadiq Khan is a sleeper. If you hold the snake to your bosom Mr Crace, don’t be surprised when it bites.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk plans to get humans to Mars in six years

28 Sep 2016 11:04

This man emits a repellent musk.

Labour conference: Jeremy Corbyn says migrants make ‘enormous contribution’ to UK – Politics live

28 Sep 2016 10:05

The fabian blairites have been beaten down and made to heel. Corbyn has been useful, served his purpose and how he’s unnecessary.

28 Sep 2016 09:17

The mainstream like to label Corbyn a radical but he’s really nothing but an establishment serving lackey. The financial system he so heartily endorses is a paedophile’s playground, a pyramid scheme of created debt designed to benefit the old and rich at the expense of the young and poor.

Therefore everything Corbyn says is either the rank hypocrisy of a twisted old man or the delusional ranting of an misguided incompetent. In terms of protecting the poor and young his financial plan of borrowing today, an ever-growing mountain of created debt without any intention of repaying, will be bourne by the poorest and the children of tomorrow. If the truth be told they are all despicable creatures unworthy of respect.

Jeremy Corbyn speech: ‘rampant inequality has become the great scandal of our time’ – Politics live

28 Sep 2016 13:56

In response to packc47

Under a pyramid scheme of debt, wages only creep while your slowly fleeced.

28 Sep 2016 13:38

In response to BLsBs

Listen pal, the Conservatives represent businesses and the established wealthy. The majority, the proles, are the food they consume. They are happiest when they have squeezed the great unwashed just to the point of rebelling. The Labour party is supposed to represent the interests of working people yet the policy do exactly the opposite.

28 Sep 2016 13:31

In response to PatrickWReed

I don’t want to be accused of triggering your meltdown, are you in a safe-space?

28 Sep 2016 13:26

In response to suzeebee

Poor Norman, he’s one of those feminised flowers they grow at the BBC. She was probably fed the line from one the monsters who reside behind the curtain.

28 Sep 2016 13:22

Labour supporters have been well trained. As consumers and debt slaves they have come to accept that higher prices are a good thing. Only a complete fool wants higher prices, it’s like turkey’s voting for xmas.

28 Sep 2016 13:11

In response to PatrickWReed

The British identity is encapsulated in the values that millions died for in WW11.

28 Sep 2016 12:33

In response to PatrickWReed

It is the stated aim of the status quo to hollow out society, pulling apart national identities, the nuclear family, the Church, and traditional values, it’s called homogenised multi-cultural globalisation.

28 Sep 2016 12:21

Unlimited immigration is a policy designed to satisfy 2 major agendas:

1. To provide another layer of poor at the bottom of the pyramid scheme of debt.
2. To destroy the traditional fabric of society.

Both will negatively effect the working class disproportionally, so, Corbyn’s policy is a poisoned arrow aimed at the people he claims to represents.

28 Sep 2016 10:05

The fabian blairites have been beaten down and made to heel. Corbyn has been useful, served his purpose and how he’s unnecessary.

28 Sep 2016 09:17

The mainstream like to label Corbyn a radical but he’s really nothing but an establishment serving lackey. The financial system he so heartily endorses is a paedophile’s playground, a pyramid scheme of created debt designed to benefit the old and rich at the expense of the young and poor.

Therefore everything Corbyn says is either the rank hypocrisy of a twisted old man or the delusional ranting of an misguided incompetent. In terms of protecting the poor and young his financial plan of borrowing today, an ever-growing mountain of created debt without any intention of repaying, will be bourne by the poorest and the children of tomorrow. If the truth be told they are all despicable creatures unworthy of respect.

Germany preparing Deutsche Bank bailout plan, reports claim

28 Sep 2016 12:57

Too Big To Fail means the end of free-market capitalism, replaced with a tyranny. If something is considered of such systemic importance it cannot fall that thing is a cult.

People don’t realise that the banking cartel and their pyramid scheme of debt is nothing but an authoritarian cult and all the measures have been put in place by govt to complete the job.

28 Sep 2016 11:21

Running through Deutsche Bank would be like winning a Gold medal at the Olympics.

Why the mediocre male’s days may be numbered

28 Sep 2016 16:31

Valenti is an excellent journalist if you like man-baiting hatred, the lady doth protest too much me thinks.

Bending reality like a spoon: the week Labour entered The Matrix

28 Sep 2016 16:42

Love castles all, that’s the honest truth, which is why the banking cartel’s pyramid scheme of debt, govt and the captured media is unloveable. The otherside of love is hate and that’s where Marina Hyde fits in.

New Labour members like me need to do more – it’s time to get involved

29 Sep 2016 11:05

In response to NICK127

Aswell as the benefits, the internet always had a dark side to it, as a dragnet or a web to centrally monitor signals communications, just like a panopticon. The US giving control to the UN is not a trivial matter, mark my words.

29 Sep 2016 11:01

In response to Thestinger

I think you’re suffering from Stockholm Syndrome old boy.

29 Sep 2016 10:10

If the truth be known, we are living under a thinly veiled corporate tyranny financed by a pyramid scheme of debt and prosecuted by a corrupt, captured media and govt. The target for these predators is the docile citizenry who are under scientific attack designed to make them docile, greedy and dark, pliable to be guided into the next stage of enslavement. Of course the evil intent is hidden in plain view behind platitudes, political correctness and a fake civility, reality inverted making black appear white and lies as truth.

At the start of October, control of the internet will be given over to the globalist UN, and soon after the suppression and censorship will start. It’s time to choose a side, liberty and freedom or an age of technocratic authoritarian enslavement. Which shall it be?

Former Tory ministers demand clear Brexit plan from Theresa May

29 Sep 2016 10:17

Theresa May is like a hacked Tesla traversing a minefield.

Corbyn is an atheist – but his ideas are true to the Bible

29 Sep 2016 18:35

In response to revmartin

The money Reverend, the money. It’s beyond usury, the rich and old have captured time itself and set it to work fleecing the young and poor and everyone in-between.

29 Sep 2016 17:25

I always look forward to Giles Frazer’s latest data dump. I don’t know where in the Bible it advocates accepting a pyramid scheme of created debt, which is tantamount to legalised child sacrifice, a hideous con of epic proportions, guaranteed to end in default, war or a global tyranny.

Experts warn home ‘gene editing’ kits pose risk to society

30 Sep 2016 00:22

The destruction of the fabian blairite Labour Party was required to create the space for Brexit to be fully formed. The ground has been cleared to broom away the globalists so let’s make it so.

Born in early 80s? Then you’re half as wealthy as 1970s’ children, says IFS

30 Sep 2016 09:34

Unless this PSD virus is removed from the body of society every successive generation will worse off. A pyramid scheme of debt is designed to fleece those at the bottom for the benefit of those at the top. The top is populated by the old and rich who own all the real assets whose prices are inflated by the young and poor who have the pay the higher rents and prices. The pyramid must be pulled down and replaced with a golden arch made from sound money.

Deutsche Bank fears rattle stock markets; UK growth revised up – business live

30 Sep 2016 09:50

Deutsche Bank is like a rabid dog and anyone doing business with them deserves to be bitten.

My message to the HSBC boss who says dialect is dying: Get real, ya wallapur

30 Sep 2016 09:24

The evil intent of the banking cartel know no bounds. Everything they do is predicated lies and deceit. This HSBC minion would like to have announced that the population will be chipped and operating under full banking supervision like good debt slaves should.

Being called a bird is infantilising. Such terms hold women back

30 Sep 2016 10:37

I agree “bird” has been used out of context for too long. It was historically used to describe anyone with a beak who pecks around in the dirt, like a pigeon after Macdonald’s, someone such as Jo Coburn.

Talking of BBC politics, I don’t believe the rumours that Andrew Neil was caught in flagrante with his neighbour’s dog but the standards of journalism certainly do need examining. The BBC will always be considered a block on the progression of humanity while they allow corruption, deception and criminality to operate unchallenged.

Dismantle the child abuse inquiry and focus on learning lessons for the future

30 Sep 2016 11:27

Simon is arguing that because the establishment is riddled with paedophilia, after all the pyramid scheme of debt is full penetrative financial paedophilia and only one-step removed, all the names and reputations should go untarnished. This is an argument straight out of page 1 in the criminal’s handbook, make the crime so big and widespread that everybody is complicit and therefore it is Too Big To Fail. Corrupt to the core.

Liam Fox has risen from the undead to the cabinet. No wonder he’s delusional

30 Sep 2016 21:00

The problem with the liberal consensus is that it’s anything but. A case in point is the censorship of this comment: “Marina is always entertaining if you like gonzo journalism”. When you can have any opinion you like so long as it’s that of the censor, then tyranny is upon us.

It’s right that we are now including renters in our housing policies

30 Sep 2016 17:42

Nice try Cartlidge, I’ve had a good look round Theresa May’s hard drive of ideas and I can report, that apart from a few dress designs, it resembles an abandoned barn. The establishment have bet the entire country on the housing market and the young are the food on the menu.

Clinton rides wave of enthusiasm after Trump debate: ‘One down, two to go’

1 Oct 2016 11:47

For me, America comes across like a drunk at their lowest ebb, lying in the gutter, obese after years of whisky and debt, desperately trying to crawl away from their problems, and the authorities, who want them for passing bad money. Half of them want to continue wallowing in self-loathing, resigned to the life they now know, the other half flickers, with moments of clarity, cognizant that change is needed to arrest the pitiful state.

A chance of life or a certain death, which half of America will win, I wonder?

Ann Coulter: ‘Finally, we have a candidate who cares about Americans’

2 Oct 2016 09:44

Why would anyone vote for Trump, Hilary Clinton has done an excellent job in Govt for 30 years building the updated version of a Chicago Mob boss, running a troupe of grifters from pickpockets in the IRS, racketeering in the House and Senate, to the big con of the Federal Reserve.

She is also extremely generous, raising hundreds of millions for charity, and everybody knows, charity begins at home with Chelsea’s $10m NY penthouse. The Foundation slush fund represents the fruits of all the hard work. Clinton is so corrupt she’s the type who would load the tombola at the Church fete.

Welcome home, but only if you’re rich

2 Oct 2016 11:22

The strip down at the border is a policy designed to humiliate, to rob the citizenry of self-respect and therefore embolden the power of the state over the individual. They want everybody child-like with the State acting as Mummy and Daddy, the provider. When you add to the mix the desire for perpetual war to feed the military industrial complex then you can see that foreign policy, especially of the US, has been to create the threat of terror. The authoritarianism is only thinly veiled and we are sleepwalking into tyranny.

The free market stands at a crossroads but only the state offers the right path

2 Oct 2016 12:12

Anyone who believes a free market is operating is a complete fool. If Larry knew what was going on he certainly wouldn’t allowed to write about it. The financial markets are rigged to the point of farce by the central banking cartel and their pyramid scheme of debt and all other strategic markets are captured by other too big to fail mega corporations. What is operating is a thinly veiled monetary and corporate tyranny. Only sound money can save the world now.

Quarter of a million children receiving mental health care in England

3 Oct 2016 09:19

Unfortunately this phenomenon is a globalist UN initiative to categorize everyone with a so-called condition, a label of denegation so all the damaged goods then look to the bosom of the State for care and protection. Big Pharma and the banking cartel also benefit, all these conditions need treating and that means more spending, which ofcourse means more borrowing. This analysis may come as a shock to the well-meaning proletariat out there but you don’t appreciate the evil intent of the criminal mind which has captured Govt.

Conservative conference: Hammond warns of ‘turbulence’ over Brexit as pound falls – Politics live

3 Oct 2016 09:55

When all is said and done, the Conseravtives represent the interests of big business who have no responsibility to society other than wanting to keep the hordes of mouth-breathing debt slaves healthy enough to keep consuming. Humans are the food these perverted sociopaths prepare and eat. Customers and workers are merely assets to be used and abused. The Cons have no problem with this because they are the stock and business owners themselves and are therefore prepared to expel lashings of hypocrisy to protect the thinly veiled monetary and corporate tyranny. The centre ground in UK politics is fertile for the re-introduction of sound money.

Tories ditch budget surplus pledge and announce £3bn housebuilding plan – Politics live

3 Oct 2016 12:21

The Keynesian Fallacy

Economic illiterates the world over are desperate for Keynesian infrastructure spending, also known as more borrowing. These people have no intention of repaying the debt, hoping only to roll it over onto the backs of the children to service. If that wasn’t morally repugnant enough they fail to understand the economic implications of such activity. Building bridges and roads is not investment in the traditional sense; it is a necessity and should be already part of a responsible government’s budgetary plan.

Such activity is a short term fix, can-kicking, it will provide a short term boost followed a long period of negative return as the debt sits un-productively on the books. The truth is the debt burden is now so high it’s unserviceable at higher median rates. The govt has lied its way into a dead-end and is pressing on regardless. Keynes developed his ideas under a gold-standard not a pyramid scheme of created debt. Hammond’s unmuzzled evacuation today is really nothing more than the desperate pleas of the heroin addict craving one more hit.

Don’t blame foreign investors – the roots of the housing crisis lie closer to home

4 Oct 2016 11:17

Well done professor, a few hundred words defending the fabian snake pit of globalisation, the LSE.

Hilary Clinton recently called US millennial’s barista’s and basement dwellers, in the UK we have tea-ladies and box room dwellers, both resigned to falling standards of living servicing the greed of the rentier class and baby boomers. The pyramid scheme of debt is a perverted system which, as the professor has shown, corrupts everything in its path. Nothing can improve without a realignment of asset prices and the reintroduction of sound money allowing liberty, good govt and a sustainable economic model to flourish and grow.

We should be ashamed of what we’re doing to Britain’s children

4 Oct 2016 11:42

Nice sentiments Owen but the remedy you prescribe is actually the cause of the problem. What you call investment, is actually borrowing. While the pyramid scheme of debt continues to operate in plain view, the cost of the money created by your extra borrowing is saddled by the children you want to help. This is the economic reality of the scheme, largesse and unaccountability today, paid for by the children tomorrow. So, I suggest you re-align your moral compass and help end this perverted scheme.

Google announces first smartphone Pixel – as it happened

4 Oct 2016 17:36

Reportedly overheard at Google HQ Mountain View, CA “Roll up, Roll up zombies, get your tracking devices here. Come visit the matrix and we’re gonna suck every last drop of money and humanity out of you”.

The propaganda of ‘British values’ is a distortion of history – video

5 Oct 2016 09:22

What‘s really being discussed here is the nation’s own propagandist, the BBC, otherwise now known as Big Sister. The views disseminated by the BBC are twisted distortions of truth and anybody relying on them as a source of information would be pig ignorant, as per the plan. Big Sister is a dirty prism where truth is inverted to satisfy the deviant desires of the fiat banking cartel and the deep state.

At Conservative party conference, tentative hope for housing

5 Oct 2016 09:55

Is it true that mirrors have been banned at the BBC?

There are rumours abound that mirrors have been banned at the BBC after staff saw visions which made them highly distressed. Reportedly Big Sister appeared to them as a twisted liberal North London divorcee, whose passion was greed and self-loathing. Her liberal outlook meant all views where tolerated so long as they collided with her own, especially where her prized procession was concerned. Her house was her pride and joy, bought in 80 for £36k and now worth £1.2m, making her a millionaire, a winner, and all despite not working since being sacked as a secretary at Bell and Pottinger some 10 years ago for indiscretions with a Saudi naval officer. Alone with their ugliness and distaste for humanity, the BBC staff were struck by the reflections to their own lives, crooked, deviant and narcissistic after years looking through the dark prism.

Is this the Tory answer to the housing crisis – a coffin-sized existence pod?

5 Oct 2016 12:50

The world needs the Pre-Raphaelite’s like never before. Today the brotherhood is not limited in number, all are welcome, promoting beauty and truth at the expense of deception and ugliness. There are no membership cards, no joining fees, members operate alone, and in cooperation, promoting enlightenment and slaying evil intentions wherever they are found, working at all times for the good of all, not the few, within the law. Pick up the weapon of truth, set it to automatic, and fire at will.

António Guterres to be next UN secretary general

5 Oct 2016 17:47

These deviant globalist psychopaths will start WW111 before admitting to their citizens that the pyramid scheme of debt has failed.

‘Trump only goes on Hannity’: Megyn Kelly clashes with Fox News colleague

6 Oct 2016 11:51

In response to HaveYouFedTheFish

The gold standard was abandoned after the Fed took control of the money supply. I’m suggesting a new system of sound money, a hybrid, where the money supply is linked to a basket of environmental factors. The money supply would increase as in line with the environment. It would be sustainable in nature and remove the corruption from banks and creating a new deal between govt and the governed.

6 Oct 2016 09:55

In response to ID0109048

No, in today’s most unsound form it has been place for 40years. Only 100 years ago the US operated true sound money, the gold standard, linking the money supply to nature. Since that time 2 world wars and 2 great depressions have occurred as a consequence of leaving it.

6 Oct 2016 09:24

This staged cat fight between two Murdoch drones is another sad distraction, anything but deal with the elephant in the room, The Federal Reserve, and the pyramid scheme of debt. I’m getting worried about Trump, it looks like he’s being overrun and infiltrated. The establishment is primitive, when all the bluff and bluster is peeled away their base case is to continue borrowing from their children and destroying the future. The ability to create money is fantasy economics and must be ended, it is destroying the world.

Pound under pressure as chancellor Hammond launches Wall Street charm offensive – business live

6 Oct 2016 09:33

The truth is that Hammond is being taken to the US for a confessional. HSBC is about to be sued for fixing the Gold price.

On National Poetry Day we should be championing the artform’s diversity

6 Oct 2016 10:33

The Big Money Con by unknown

People need to know the establishment, captured by the banking cartel, is running a deception to misrepresent the money, conspiring to deceive the citizen that it’s neither unsound nor unlimited. The truth is the opposite.

On earth, when something is unlimited it ends up being free, money is no different. This is why interest rates are now zero. The world is being dug into a pit of deceit, every hour that goes by, the chances of climbing out recede. We are living in a financial tyranny veiled behind a wall of lies.

May this be the shot that rings out, folding the con.

Haiti cannot endure any more broken promises after Hurricane Matthew

6 Oct 2016 11:37

More one-eyed propaganda dressed up as journalism. No mention of the serious allegations of theft and embezzlement by the Clinton’s Foundation, such as

Some of Clinton’s pledges sound great. Until you remember who’s president

6 Oct 2016 12:20

The American people are like a sleeping elephant, sedated by a tame and corrupt media, yet when awoken with the truth they will trample everything in their path. Clinton is running out of tranquilisers.

The new UN secretary general’s biggest priority must be Syria

6 Oct 2016 17:36

These globalist psychopath’s want perpetual war to satisfy the military industrial complex and as a political and economic distraction. The US has chosen Syria as the battleground, the theatre to perform the show. In truth, the deep state is out of control.

World needs $90tn infrastructure overhaul to avoid climate disaster, study finds

6 Oct 2016 18:44

Read: The world needs $90tn more debt to keep the pyramid scheme going.

The Tories lurch left and right without a clue where they really stand

7 Oct 2016 09:48

Theresa May is spread so wide across the political bed that a gaping hole is left in the middle. Only the re-instatement of sound money can fill it.

Tony Blair says his return to British politics is an open question

7 Oct 2016 09:29

The thing with cult members is that they find it hard to admit failure or guilt. When a dog dreams in his basket, he may think lovingly about his bitch or master, or his next feed, all animals dream, but Tony Blair suffers nightmares of being exposed, tried and jailed.

Pound falls 6% in Asian trading mystery

7 Oct 2016 09:24

Strong case made for returning to open outcry and real transparency.

Fanny Burney wrote one of the most courageous pieces of work I’ve ever encountered

7 Oct 2016 10:15

I find this one-eyed, so-called journalism offensive. The savage dykes of the Iceni are running wild across the corrupt mainstream media and should, in all rites, be made to heel.

We have money to fight climate change. It’s just that we’re spending it on defense

8 Oct 2016 15:51

In response to ArundelXVI

I apologise for shaking your cage of ignorance. In the last 100 years, and coinciding with the existence of the Federal Reserve, US military domination has allowed them to protect and project their unsound $, the pyramid scheme of debt, across the world. Institutions have invested in US bonds because they are investing in the safety of the status quo.

In addition, the re-instatement of sound money could occur seamlessly, the notes and coins would remain the same, only the construction and accountability of the money supply would change. The State is not omnipotent.

MPs demand vote on hard Brexit plans for UK to leave single market

8 Oct 2016 23:22

In response to kippers

Everybody deserves a second chance, Theresa May is no exception.

8 Oct 2016 22:42

The evidence is becoming harder to ignore that the Westminster Zoo should be temporarily fenced off to protect the rest of society. The zoo shows signs of full infection with the PSD virus and is now a serious health and safety issue. If the will of the people cannot be heard it is conclusive proof that a tyranny is in place.

Does Amber Rudd hate foreigners, or does she hate us?

9 Oct 2016 10:33

Amber Rudd comes from a long line of grave robbers and no doubt hates foreigners, us and herself.

So Trump has crossed a line? His views are as old as misogyny itself

9 Oct 2016 11:12

Putting to one side reports of the Democrats registering dead people and organising another flood of unvetted migrants to vote, not to mention the electronic voting fraud, the true hypocrisy is found in Hilary Clinton’s own bigoted prejudice filled words which alienates at least 75% of the US electorate after describing them as “deplorable’s“, “super predators” and a “bunch of losers“.

We have money to fight climate change. It’s just that we’re spending it on defense

8 Oct 2016 13:31

In truth, the US has unlimited money, that is the consequence of the unsound fiat pyramid scheme of debt and the Federal Reserve’s unaccountable balance sheet. This puts the US Govt in direct conflict with its citizens, lies and deceit, always the order of the day.

When govt becomes unaccountable it become arrogant, tyrannical and authoritarian. In short, untrustworthy. Sound money, whose growth is sustainable in nature is the antidote to corrupt govt because, when all is said and done, only God’s good nature can be trusted.

So Trump has crossed a line? His views are as old as misogyny itself

9 Oct 2016 12:42

In response to Carlb1501

Quite. Putting to one side reports of the Democrats registering dead people and organising another flood of unvetted migrants to vote, not to mention the electronic voting fraud, the true hypocrisy is found in Hilary Clinton’s own bigoted prejudice filled words which alienates at least 75% of the US electorate, describing them as “deplorable’s”, “super predators” and a “bunch of losers”.

9 Oct 2016 11:55

The Democrat gang are fighting dirty and hard like a drunk having their bottle taken away.

‘I’m a gentleman’: Trump menaces Clinton with imposing presence and brash insults

10 Oct 2016 09:57

The American people are being duped by a successful con-woman. Even Hilary Clinton herself doesn’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. This election is really a national public psychological examination.

Everybody now knows that Hilary Clinton thinks 75% of the US electorate are a “deplorable” “bunch of losers” and “super-predators”.

‘I’m a gentleman’: Trump menaces Clinton with imposing presence and brash insults

10 Oct 2016 09:33

The mainstream media are fatally harming their reputation and objectivity by not reporting the close relationship between the convicted paedophile Jeffery Epstein and the Clinton’s. Bill Clinton knows inch of Epstein’s private island having been flown in on the infamous “Lolita pleasure flight” to “party” with underage girls on numerous occasions. The reason is probably that it also implicates Prince Andrew, but the light of truth needs to shine, and after all, all good families have a black sheep.

Strictly Come Dancing hits series high as Ed Balls goes green

10 Oct 2016 12:27

The BBC is like the nation’s dummy, pacifying and reassuring yet regressive and childlike.

Hiding their deviance behind a fake civility, they are producing, by design, a dumbed down, grey wasteland of sedated ignorance. The plan is to continue distilling the control of the omnipotent State while allowing the banks and big corporations to “chip and pin” the population with unsound money and the deployment of intelligent machines against the people.

Internet trolls beware – these rules will separate the haters from the hapless

10 Oct 2016 16:14

As predicted, the walk towards a fully authoritarian tyranny breaks into a jog.

Donald Trump marches on amid spiraling disaster of Republican party desertion

11 Oct 2016 09:24

It looks like the election will be declared null and void by the Courts and re-run due to irregularities in electronic voting systems and the overt operation to influence public opinion by the CIA and its operatives in the media.

Donald Trump marches on amid spiraling disaster of Republican party desertion

11 Oct 2016 10:42

In response to KeenCyclist

Contemplating the evil intentions of these criminal minds requires a sound constitution, which ofcourse, you’re gang is trying to undo. The problem with cults is that objectivity and rational thought is always the first casualty. Apart from sound money, the Constitution is the best thing America ever had and it’s worth fighting for.

11 Oct 2016 09:42

When the media conduct a witch hunt and the wrong person is vilified, you know the fix is in. It’s like Waco in reverse, the Democratic/Washington/Deep State Cult of corruption and deviance, all holed up, fighting for survival. What a state of affairs.

Clown sightings: sinister craze is putting our livelihood at risk, say professionals

11 Oct 2016 09:29

Obsoletely right, killer clowns should really be confined to the Bank of England and the Treasury.

BBC falling short on reflecting older women, says Ofcom

11 Oct 2016 10:55

The fascist left always try and invert reality and reduce the language to a series of grunts and groans. The BBC is the case study.

Objectivity and truth never collide at Big Sister’s, instead the proles have to face and listen to a daily scientific attack of mis and disinformation designed to divert attention from, primarily, the pyramid scheme of debt which has benefited the baby boomers at the expense of every one else.

I don’t blame the individual’s personally, after all, they were only following the orders of their guards who projected the con onto the cell walls.

Theresa May in ‘U-turn’ over pre-article 50 Brexit debate in parliament

12 Oct 2016 09:52

Theresa May is having an inauspicious start, staggering around, totally unbalanced, caving in to any sycophant who grunts, from the illiberal left to that awful creature Anna Soubry, who, in all rites, should be given a new look supervising the bins.

12 Oct 2016 09:33

Before truthful opinion is formally banned, this deterioration of reason and logic deserves further examination. Theresa May maybe looking forward to a vote for war, and her latest flip flop a dead cat thrown to the illiberal left to garner support, but the intelligent few wont support another flimsy case of foreseeable self inflicted incompetence and double dealing, cobbled together by the complicit so-called intelligence.

Because the foundation stone of the status quo is build around staggering lies and deceit, the entire pyramid scheme of debt has been like digging a massive hole, which has now grown so big the walls are caving in. The stench of hypocrisy is everywhere and overwhelming. The barmy army would be well advised to cease and desist this march down the road to hell.

If chimps can guess what others are thinking, why can’t politicians?

12 Oct 2016 09:45

Can somebody please open the windows of the Guardian’s shed, the grunting of the illiberal left is becoming unbearable.

Leonard Cohen: ‘I am ready to die’

12 Oct 2016 10:37

He won’t be forgotten, they say the BBC is like a sanatorium where they play Leonard Cohen records all day.

David Cameron to chair National Citizen Service in first post-politics role

12 Oct 2016 10:42

Ever the PR spiv. While the pyramid scheme of debt is in operation, fleecing the next generation of all wealth and prospects, these internment brain washing camps will be pushed by the deviant establishment. Only sound money can free this country from the evil intentions of the criminal mind.

Labour claims ‘real victory’ after May offers Brexit debate concession – Politics live

12 Oct 2016 12:07

Theresa May could only inspire the country to self-harm.

World faces cold-war-era threat levels, says former MI6 chief

12 Oct 2016 12:24

The arsonists express faux surprise at the fire.

Protests outside the Russian embassy – what is Boris Johnson up to now?

12 Oct 2016 11:55

Boris is raring to go like a paedophile in the Treasury.

Hungary’s chilling plight could foreshadow Europe’s future

13 Oct 2016 09:33

The liberal hypocrisy is stifling. There are many 3rd rate journalists working the streets of Britain but the Guardian is heavily infected. If, for example, Owen Jones was made to mince down a Saudi Street or Valentini asked to totter through a Turkish market, they would soon change their calls for open borders and islamification. The truth is that they are not liberals at all. You can have all the views and opinions you like so long as they coincide with theirs. They are nothing but illiberal aspiring tyrants.

Unilever finance chief defends company over price row with Tesco

13 Oct 2016 09:20

A world without Unilever would be a better place.

What if nature, like corporations, had the rights of a person?

13 Oct 2016 09:08

Nature had the de facto rights of a person under the Gold Standard.

Us v Them: the birth of populism

13 Oct 2016 09:18

I find the depiction of a populism as a greedy Jewish snake, highly offensive. It’s another clear example of inverted reality journalism schemed up by the corrupt mainstream.

Dangerous idiots: how the liberal media elite failed working-class Americans

13 Oct 2016 12:27

How can anyone believe anything in the MSM. Supposition presented as fact, lies as truth and deceptions as conspiracy. The corruption is everywhere just like the all-seeing eye on top of the Federal Reserves pyramid scheme.

Kind of Blue by Ken Clarke review – the sympathetic Tory? Forget it

14 Oct 2016 09:52

£450k for his pan splattered nonsense. Are the Bilderberger bribes inflation adjusted?

SNP conference: Sturgeon promises ‘creative’ proposals to let Scotland stay in single market – Politics live

14 Oct 2016 10:40

In response to who32

Call me dave was just an establishment spiv, crooked to the core, who’s had all the sense bred out of him. I’m not going to comment on Theresa May, other than to say, she’s unsound and carries the truth on her back.

14 Oct 2016 10:24

I’ve run Nicola Sturgeon through the computer and it says her ideal is role is prison guard not aspiring destroyer of the union.

Would you wear a Donald Trump suit?

14 Oct 2016 10:20

In response to pollystyrene

What’s wrong with you people, can’t you see what’s going on. War is the perfect way for a man-hating psychopath to satisfy her innermost desires. A vote for Clinton is a vote for less jaw jaw and more war war.

14 Oct 2016 10:10

Donald Trump wears a bullet proof vest because the deep state have a nasty habit when it comes to Presidential candidates they don’t like.

France says US banks plan to leave Brexit Britain – business live

14 Oct 2016 10:02

In response to EGriff

What they are supplying, dear boy, is a pyramid scheme of debt, which is the root cause of all today’s problems, including the current rush to war as a distraction to its inevitable failure.

14 Oct 2016 09:47

They say that Britain is a nation of bigots, paedophiles and con-artists. Losing US banks would improve the defence of that statement on all fronts.

Mark Carney: Bank of England will tolerate higher inflation – business live

14 Oct 2016 12:12

“Without God’s good nature all governments become corrupt and tyrannical.”

For the uninformed, that means only sound money can prevent this hussle down the road to hell.

Can the Republicans survive Trump? Join our live look at the week

14 Oct 2016 12:16

Can America survive The Clinton’s?

Michelle Obama has dragged this US election out of the gutter

14 Oct 2016 12:24

All logic and reason has been shut down like the gorilla enclosure at London Zoo.

From Marmite to the royal yacht, Britain is now a global joke

14 Oct 2016 18:33

It’s good to see Marina having a Road to Damascus moment, repenting for all the damage her, and her ilk, have caused.

Michelle Obama has dragged this US election out of the gutter

14 Oct 2016 16:33

Because writing is all about black and white, it’s possible, with skill and pure thought, to talk the Devil out of the target. Hilary Clinton’s evil intention towards good people is her passion and also her weakness.

Mark Carney: Bank of England will tolerate higher inflation – as it happened

14 Oct 2016 16:24

Mark Carney is a petty crook, and quite probably a moose fiddler, who has risen to play the big con. Putting the creature in any picture or context with anything golden is an affront to reason and logic. They are running a pyramid scheme of debt, backed by nothing other than inequality and the misery of the next generation.

Because writing is all about black and white, it’s possible, with skill and pure thought, to talk the Devil out of the target. Hilary Clinton’s evil intention towards good people is her passion and also her weakness.

I see light in the darkness – a backlash against bigotry is underway

15 Oct 2016 09:17

Supposition presented as fact, lies as truth and deceptions as conspiracy. The corruption of globalisation and its pyramid scheme of debt is presented with aplomb in this childish piece of gonzo journalism. No wonder trust in the mainstream media is now below 6%.

SNP conference: Nicola Sturgeon’s speech – Politics live

15 Oct 2016 16:06

Nicola Sturgeon is the proud holder of all three characterisations in the famous triptych. They say that Britain is now an island of bigots, paedophiles and con artists. Well, she is certainly intolerant of opposing views, she is an aggressive financial paedophile wanting to continue the pyramid scheme of debt and run ever larger deficits on the backs of the children, and she does all this by deception, dressing up lies as truth in deviant inversions of reality. It’s for these reasons, I can’t support anything this woman does.

There are several metropolitan elites. But the same one still pulls the strings

15 Oct 2016 13:22

The mainstream media can’t be trusted for the simple reason that its priorities are not aligned with the truth. The BBC is loyal to the State before the truth; Sky is loyal to multinational corporations over the truth; and the Guardian is loyal only to fabian globalism. All are subservient to the banking cartel which has captured the entire world with its pyramid scheme of debt, the elephant in the room.

The money in use today is fundamentally unsound, a physical weapon of mass destruction being passed around like nuclear grade material. In truth it’s not real money, it’s just a confidence game and the job of the MSM is to provide cover and legitimacy. Real money can’t be created it must be earned. Today’s money is unlimited and as more is produced so more of the future is destroyed. As unlimited paper is created it chases up the price of real assets, those which are limited in nature. This in turn benefits the existing wealthy at the expense of the majority who fall increasingly behind. Allowed to continue to its conclusion, all the real assets will be owned by a tiny elite leaving the vast majority subservient.

If slavery is what you want then you must believe the mainstream media’s narrative. If you don’t, you must understand your enemy, vote with the purchasing purchase you do still have and boycott their products and demand the re-instatement of sound money, because at the end of the day government has been captured by the cartel’s corruption and only God’s good nature can be trusted.

When bitter tastes sweet, seeming is believing

16 Oct 2016 10:27

The sugar coating on the pyramid scheme of debt pill is slowly being removed. This is the only way to get the country back on track and reverse the belief within establishment circles that, if you’re going to put your hand into the pickle jar of corruption, put it in right up to the elbow.

Second coming: on the road with the Clintons

16 Oct 2016 10:11

Dan Roberts is like a monkey on a lead who has learnt to read talking points and lies.

The Trump revelations show how much women are expected to ignore

16 Oct 2016 11:21

The stifling hypocrisy surrounding this Presidential election is proof entirely that the mainstream media has a blackout on truth, objectivity and logic. The timing of this manhunt makes the allegations highly suspect. To believe them requires stretching plausibility to breaking point. Cui bono suggests that given his wealth the accusers would have more to gain back then, therefore leaving political opportunism the motive today.

UK towns and villages running out of hard cash, says report

17 Oct 2016 09:53

Absolute nonsense. This is clear piece of dark banking propaganda. The story is factually incorrect, from there being a shortage of physical notes, to the description of them being hard. Our money has never been so soft and unsound. All intelligent people should resist the authoritarianism of a cashless society.

Porn in the classroom? Here’s why it makes sense

17 Oct 2016 10:07

On the cliff path of good ideas, Jenni Murray is unbalanced and slipping.

Porn in the classroom? Here’s why it makes sense

17 Oct 2016 10:44

In response to SocraticJibes

The collective civility and moral compass of society is the reflection of the money in use. When the money is unsound so is society. We should cleaning up society not exposing it to further deterioration. Jenni Murray is a lost hope, long sold out to the deviance of the pyramid scheme of debt, which, I’m sure you’re aware, is a predatory con run primarily at the expense of the children.

Aberfan: how a ‘gullible and deferential’ press failed the victims

17 Oct 2016 10:22

I shouldn’t be telling you this but things have become even worse. The msm is an open sewer of misinformation and dark propaganda. The presidential election is a case in point. I worry that credibility, let alone objectivity, will never be recaptured in the minds of the public.

Ken Loach: BBC news manipulative and deeply political

18 Oct 2016 09:22

BBC news manipulative and deeply political

Well, what would you expect from the nation’s favourite propagandist. That said, in recent times the lies, cover-ups and misinformation have plumbed news depths and can in no way be considered in the public’s interests. Just as The Economist is a front for the Rothschild’s agenda, the BBC’s (Big Sister as it’s known) entire raison d’etre is to protect the real nature of the money in use, the pyramid scheme of debt run by the banking cartel.

They used to say the BBC was like a crooked racehorse trainer who could pull a horse and all the vets wouldn’t know how it’s done, that is until now. The entire scheme is nothing more than a simple confidence game with the children and workers being quickly fleeced of any real wealth and their future. The MSM’s entire structure is built on a keystone of lies which infects the entire societal body, truth and logic receiving a daily media blackout. Only the reinstatement of sound money can rescue our fortunes.

Ken Loach: BBC news manipulative and deeply political

18 Oct 2016 10:16

Be under no illusion, the BBC is helping fix the US election. The race to the White House is being rigged by a mainstream media acting like a crooked racehorse trainer who is pulling Donald Trump’s horse, doping the public with lies and sabotaging the truth with misinformation. And all to allow the corrupt banks, multinationals and deep state to collect on the old nag Hilary Clinton.

Hague calls for central banks like Bank of England to raise interest rates or lose independence – Politics live

18 Oct 2016 10:52

Carney and the rest of the cartel are trapped in a web of their own lies. The fundamentally unsound money has reached its natural state where they cannot earn any interest on it. The money is not an asset it’s a liability, its value given only by the law as the medium of exchange.

If the Labour Party want to redeem themselves they need to understand that this is not good money to borrow, it’s weaponised debt, never to be repaid, just another layer added to the pyramid scheme for the benefit of the few, paid for by the many. Let the truth of sound money ring out across Westminster.

Ukip may be dead but its agenda is alive and well

18 Oct 2016 12:30

The mainstream media are such a laughing stock because everyone can see they are ignoring the elephant in the room in a clear deception and insult thrown at the public. Everyone knows the money is nothing but a thinly veiled pyramid scheme of debt which benefits the few at the expense of the many.

The Labour Party have only one chance of redeeming themselves, they have to adopt the economics of sound money. They need to understand that this is not good money to borrow, it’s weopeonised debt, never to be repaid, just another layer added to the pyramid scheme for the benefit of the few, paid for by the many. If they let the truth of sound money ring out across Westminster the gates of power will open.

Theresa May accused of ‘dither and delay’ over Heathrow expansion

19 Oct 2016 11:00

We are led by the least among us and it’s bringing Airstrip One in disrepute.

Your opinions: the perils of globalisation and the future of the Tory left

19 Oct 2016 10:33

When I left university I was sure that a one-world government was the solution to stopping further wars and levelling the playing field of opportunity. With 22 years further experience I can tell you that, although the ambitions were correct, the methodology was flawed. Allow me to explain, Governments are corrupt, dangerous and untrustworthy. Allowing only one to exist would guarantee an authoritarian tyranny like never seen before.

As a generalisation, the process of governing and the use of power, attracts, in human nature, the wrong people to wield it. The deficient, the weak, the sociopaths and worse, fly like a moth to a flame, to project their retribution onto society. I could go on to explain how the banking cartel, multinationals and the deep state did it with unsound money, but suffice to say, world government should be resisted at all cost, and concentrations of power spread into as many hands as possible, small nation states competing and cooperating, appealing to our better nature.

Presidential debate: polls widen between Trump and Clinton – live

19 Oct 2016 23:55

In response to haymother

Not at all, there is magic in the air which Hilary can’t counter.

19 Oct 2016 23:33

The mainstream media is conducting an inverted reality, black-wash on all the breaking Clinton corruption. Trump has but one course and that’s to harness the truth and attack, attack, attack.

Onshore windfarms more popular than thought, UK poll finds

20 Oct 2016 11:17

In a recent poll 77% of people said they did not trust polls, and with good reason. Just as we see in the US election, polling companies stack the deck to produce the result that the commissioner of the poll wants. It’s standard practice in an industry which is corrupt to the core. In truth, they have no value other than a primitive propaganda tool.

The cult of the expert – and how it collapsed

20 Oct 2016 11:38

All you need to know about the operatives in the inverted reality great delusion of the technocracy is that when they are called world class liars they take it as a compliment. It’s all a tragedy but without the hope.

Donald Trump refuses to say if he will accept election result in final debate

20 Oct 2016 11:24

Hilary Clinton is a world class liar. If they manage to rig the result The Road to Hell will be all downhill.

Lady Gaga: Joanne review – bold rebrand peels away the look-at-me layer

20 Oct 2016 12:11

Rotten prole food.

MPs debate stripping Philip Green of his knighthood – Politics live

20 Oct 2016 12:52

The Phillip Green case is a timely test of corruption levels operating in the establishment. It is becoming harder to fend off the widely held opinion that the camel is in the tent and defecating on the Bergama rug.

The Guardian view on zoos: respect our animal relatives

20 Oct 2016 20:30

The London Zoo is overcrowded, dirty and morally repugnant. The animals are forced to use weaponised money which ensures their offspring will be increasingly worse off while the keepers organise a quickening descent into authoritarian tyranny. In all rites it should be fenced off at the M25 to protect the rest of the herd.

We’ve seen Donald Trump before – his name was Silvio Berlusconi

20 Oct 2016 20:44

The Guardian’s black wash of today’s viral James O’Keefe vote rigging expose is deafening. To cover up such criminality, corruption and racketeering brings the MSM into disrepute and I don’t how their reputations can survive.

A cashless future? Sounds like a dream but don’t be fooled

21 Oct 2016 09:55

Some people just want to be enslaved, it’s a condition known as Stockholm syndrome. The authoritarian financial and technological tyranny is gathering pace, powered by the unsound pyramid of debts. These forces will not yield; it’s a cult with hordes of unconscious followers, like lemmings over a cliff. You can tell it’s a cult because they won’t even discuss alternatives; sound money and a sustainable economics is blasphemy to these deplorable cultural Visigoth’s. A trap needs laying to lure them out into the light where they can be exposed with the truth.

Kicking Philip Green when he’s down is absurd. Here’s who MPs should be castigating

21 Oct 2016 11:07

I’m terribly sorry Mr Jenkins your radar is on the blink again. The likes of Green don’t operate to seek your acceptance and adoration, they are sociopaths at best and psychopaths at worst focused entirely on the count. Who or whatever gets run over in the process is immaterial, just inconvenient collateral damage.

He learnt to play the game, which means pandering to the banks and their created debt, borrowing as much as he could to then drain and strip away at the carcass. To think that this man has any remorse or regret for his actions shows a naivety which could be considered heart-warmingly refreshing but realistically, extremely concerning. Unsound money lets loose the dogs with nobody to whip them in.

Collapse in corporation tax receipts pushes public deficit to £10.6bn

21 Oct 2016 11:28

The question for Phillip Hammond is what in hell does he want?

A Life in Questions by Jeremy Paxman – a Little Englander with Orwellian decency

21 Oct 2016 11:42

He’s inhabited Malvern and its hills, so he can’t be all bad, but his latest piece of one-eyed pseudo-journalism extolling the virtueless Hillary Clinton and the status quo was unbecoming. May his bag remain barren and priest unused for an entire season.

Should he stay or should he go? Mark Carney faces big decision amid attacks

21 Oct 2016 19:57

Mark Carney should resign forthwith. He is the local manifestation of the pyramid scheme of debt, the virulent virus which has infected the unconscious masses and is the cause of all today’s problems.

When exams are part of a rigged system, financial rewards can work

22 Oct 2016 10:11

This is a perfect example of how the msm corrupts an unconscious and unsuspecting public.

The title alone allows two conflicting ideas to exist in one sentence. The assumption made is that we can’t change a rigged system we must embrace it and become corrupt ourselves.
No, No, No – all systems, especially of human construction, can be changed. With her fully corrupted vested interests Deborah Orr wants to continue the pyramid scheme of debt and therefore she becomes part of the problem.

BBC gets ready for last ever slice of Bake Off

22 Oct 2016 11:37

There are rumours abound that they’re working on a giant 1000 volt steady hand buzzer gameshow. The contestant must navigate the course and if they touch the wire their kids are given an electric shock. The BBC love the idea as it incorporates their famous triptych of desires: moral corruption, child sacrifice and financial greed.

Mark Carney isn’t the problem. The problem was austerity

23 Oct 2016 09:55

Mark Carney is a smurf and needs to be removed. For the uninitiated that means he’s not what he seems. He appears as a creepy accountant who slithers between appearances tasting the air with freshly constructed diversions on behalf of the Treasury, but infact, he works for the fiat banking cartel, the most egregious confidence game in history, also known as the pyramid scheme of debt.

Be under no illusion this foul creature is after your children, he wants you and them tied up and enslaved in created debt, designed to slowly extract all your real wealth and trickle it up to the few. He operates the Black Hole of Threadneedle St, a spinning vortex of misery, lies and evil intention, distorting time itself as the future is borrowed for bribes and largesse today, creating the unvirtuious circle whose destination is hell on earth.

Theresa May ‘raiding’ childcare fund for poor families to fulfil election promise

23 Oct 2016 11:12

What in hell does Theresa May want?

Let’s be clear – antisemitism is a hate apart

23 Oct 2016 10:47

Anti-Semites are thoroughly misguided. They have been told that it’s the Jews behind the unsound money and pyramid scheme of debts but this just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Ofcourse a few have turned to the darkside yet they only represent a tiny minority and have, in effect, renounced their religion. People need to re-align their righteous anger towards the real source of their misfortune, the banking cartel and all those who support it.

Scotland must be equal partner in Brexit talks, says Holyrood

23 Oct 2016 11:21

In response to aarobinson

I was talking about Nicola Sturgeon, but for balance I must say, both of their economic and monetary policies are proof that women can screw children.

23 Oct 2016 11:07

Is there no limit to this woman’s opportunism? She’s the type who would steal washing off her neighbour’s line.

Six safe subjects for small talk in a Brexit- and Corbyn-torn world

23 Oct 2016 12:18

Firstly, I’d like to thank Victoria for an invigorating afternoon, secondly, I agree it’s all very awkward requiring military precision to traverse, a bit like getting Andrew Neil into his thong.

Christopher Marlowe credited as one of Shakespeare’s co-writers

23 Oct 2016 22:24

These establishment fronts will say anything to divert attention from the biggest steal and cover up in American history. This Presidential election is a test of America’s intelligence. If they vote for Goldman Sach’s candidate they are voting for their guaranteed demise. Surely they can’t be that stupid?

A print publishing reality: advertisers, not readers, are the customers

24 Oct 2016 10:42

Military aged enemy combatants, predatory paedophiles and bigots holding deeply illiberal views. Are these migrants ready to meet the mainstream media? Vive le globalisation.

‘New era of climate change reality’ as emissions hit symbolic threshold

24 Oct 2016 11:55

So long as the world remains in the thrall of an unsound and unlimited money supply, the pyramid scheme of debt, distorting time as activity is sucked into the present, the conditions are created which allow greenhouse gas emissions to grow exponentially. To talk about climate change as a problem is to accept that sound money, with its limits in nature, is the only solution.

Prettifying the Poldark rape doesn’t make it OK. Elizabeth said no

24 Oct 2016 12:42

Zoe Williams feelings about pain are well known in media circles, that is it’s better to give rather than receive. Today’s black wash of real news is proof entirely that the mainstream media swamp needs to be drained.

Ed Balls survives for another week on Strictly Come Dancing

24 Oct 2016 13:03

It’s like a party in a butchers shop which has got out of hand.

Everyone loves Strictly’s underdog Ed Balls. But he’s shimmied over a low bar

24 Oct 2016 17:24

I’m terribly sorry but it looked like he was throwing around a Sunday joint after 2 bottles of Chateau Latour.

Overseas student crackdown could hit LSE, King’s College London and Soas

25 Oct 2016 09:09

I think all right minded people would agree that limiting the teachings of the unsound money cult and the spread of fabian globalism, would make the world a better place. Those clouded by the Great Delusion don’t understand that by linking the money supply to nature we become infinitely richer and humanity will rise to meet this new found wealth.

German business confidence hits two-year high as firms shake off Brexit shock – business live

25 Oct 2016 09:49

In response to RichardLinsleyHood

Take the power to create the money supply away from govt and the banking cartel and return it to God’s good nature. Corruption would fall and good govt would rise, a new gold standard, updated for the 21stC. It could even be a hybrid, any transparent formulation to link the money supply to the state of the environment. A new age of sustainable capitalism would then flourish and grow.

25 Oct 2016 09:24

Be under no illusion, the Nikkei is now the Bank of Japan. True price discovery and free market capitalism is dead. Under the skin of the global economy is nothing but a pyramid scheme of debt, The Great Delusion.

How can anyone countenance a financial system predicated on enslaving and impoverishing your own children? It’s nothing but a global paedophile ring who want to get physical.

The police can’t continue to pick up the pieces of Britain’s mental health cuts

25 Oct 2016 10:29

Unfortunately, the blame lies not with the police but with the BBC and the banking establishment’s psychological assault on the citizen, inverting reality calling good bad and wrong right, in a scientific attempt to reduce critical thinking and reduce the discourse to grunts and groans. The sub conscious of the vast majority know that something is very wrong but they purposely make you feel that you’re alone and the one in the wrong.

This deviance is all to protect the pyramid scheme of debt, a financial system predicated on enslaving and impoverishing the children through a simple con of inverting reality through lies, misinformation and deceit to make the people believe that created debt is good when it’s anything but. Understand that everything that the mainstream media wants you to accept as a truth is a lie. My advice to all good citizens is to know your enemy and adjust your consent accordingly.

Elizabeth Warren is the US president we need, but can’t have – this time

25 Oct 2016 12:49

Owen Jones has gone down in my estimation by ignoring the James O’Keefe Project Veritas videos which reveal the efforts of Democrat operatives to incite violence at Republican rallies and commit mass voter fraud. It’s an embarrassment and implicates Hilary Clinton herself.

Elizabeth Warren is the US president we need, but can’t have – this time

25 Oct 2016 12:28

This presidential election is a test of America’s intelligence. If they vote for the Goldman etal candidate they are voting for their continued enslavement. They can’t be that stupid surely?

Heathrow expansion: Zac Goldsmith to resign over third runway decision – live

25 Oct 2016 12:18

The UK and its politics is in a pitiful state. Everybody knows the Conservatives represent big business, the citizens being the food to be consumed and then evacuated when unnecessary. The others, including the official opposition, claim to represent the interests of the proles, the workers, yet their economic policies have exactly the opposite effect. When they say they want to invest, they mean they want to borrow, but, when you borrow today’s unsound funny money, the limitless paper of the pyramid scheme of debt, the new layer enslaves the poorest and the children for the benefit of the few at the top who own all the real assets.

So, in summary, the Cons are out to get the average person, with a special focus on the children. The opposition are so incompetent or dishonest, or both, that they pursue the same policies yet with more vigour. What a state of affairs.

Clinton support appears strong in Texas and Florida early voting – election live

25 Oct 2016 18:25

The Clinton/Obama Democrats are doing a great job if you like corruption, racketeering and being caught red-handed.

Mark Carney: politics won’t affect how long I stay in my job

25 Oct 2016 18:55

A good man with weaknesses or a bad man with objectives. When run through the prism of truth, Mark Carney is most certainly the latter.

This much scrutiny for a strip of tarmac? That’s democracy

25 Oct 2016 20:35

Thin gruel with a floating turd, no thanks Mr Behr. I doubt your guilt filled projection will fool many of the proles.

Little progress on UK gender pay gap; £84bn Brexit black hole warning – business live

26 Oct 2016 10:35

As I see it, the state of play is thus. The American-anglo establishment financial scheme is like a flimsy paddling pool on the beach with a wall built to hold back the tide. The problem is they miscalculated the power of nature which is now crashing through their lies leaving them exposed and naked.

Theresa May voiced fears businesses would leave UK post-Brexit – politics live

26 Oct 2016 10:17

British politics is in disarray without an opposition. Yesterday, Chris grayling was asked in the Commons whether the cons had lied over Heathrow expansion and he said that

the opposite was not the case”

The halfwits on the opposition benches didn’t even blink. The Labour Party is truly despicable, claiming to represent those at the bottom of the pyramid scheme but supporting the system designed to enslave and impoverish them, the Turkeys who vote for Christmas.

I shouldn’t be telling them this but the way to overturn the Conservatives is to stand for sound money, with right on your side, and let greed do the rest.

Donald Trump is no outsider: he mirrors our political culture

26 Oct 2016 10:27

The time is approaching fast when the number of voters not invested in the pyramid scheme of debt cult outnumber those who are fully corrupted members. The Labour Party or even UKIP would be well advised to start distancing themselves from the unsound money and prepare to stand for sound money, with right on your side.

Donald Trump is no outsider: he mirrors our political culture

26 Oct 2016 11:18

It’s widely accepted that Washington is corrupt and dysfunctional to the core, offering up the identical red or blue pill to an unsuspected electorate. They say, when the camel of corruption gets into the tent it’s hard to get it out and this POTUS campaign is a case in point.

It is only somebody like Donald Trump who could ever break the ring of corruption in America, somebody independently wealthy and ready to risk it all, money, reputation and even his life for the good of his country. You have to say he’s a true patriot up against the establishment red coat hordes. The black wash in the mainstream media tells you everything you need to know about the state of affairs and, for me, it makes the choice obvious. A good man with weaknesses or a bad woman with objectives? I hope the American make the right choice.

We damage Britain by denying its migrant past

27 Oct 2016 10:18

The hypocrisy surrounding mass immigration is stifling. The rich are allowed to use rampant self-interest to protect whatever privilege they want: the debt pyramid, the housing bubble, private schooling or whatever, but when it comes to the working class they are called bigots and racists because they want to use the same self-interest to protect themselves from lower wages, higher rents and fewer opportunities.

Mass immigration is part of the wider agenda of globalisation to flatten the earth using the pyramid scheme of debt to create a platform for multinationals and the technocracy to entrench their monopolies and control. Ultimately they want a single world government which will actually be a single world authoritarian tyranny and by that stage most people will then by unnecessary. As part of the plan, national identities are being hollowed out, by design, to create a ubiquitous wasteland of consuming debt slaves which the globalists feed on. Beauty, truth and honour are under scientific attack. A battle for the soul of humanity is on.

Is Donald Trump lying about having a three handicap?

27 Oct 2016 11:15

For much needed balance and objectivity, when comparing lies, it should be noted that Hilary Clinton and the DNC have just been caught red handed on film by Project VERITAS lying about bribery, inciting violence, sabotage, voter fraud and racketeering.

Sadiq Khan to warn hard Brexit will cost millions of jobs across UK

27 Oct 2016 19:36

To understand politics and economics in the world today you must understand the pyramid of priorities. For most people, that means everything you think you know is in fact the opposite.

In the same way that Khan’s pleading is an inversion of reality, the only way Clinton can now win is if they commit voter fraud on an industrial scale.

Michelle Obama showers Clinton with praise at joint rally: ‘Hillary doesn’t play’

28 Oct 2016 09:52

Hilary Clinton is doing really well if you like malfeasance, fraud and racketeering. She makes Nixon look like a Saint.

Black Mirror is an urgent reminder of the fatal consequences of empathy loss

28 Oct 2016 11:39

The author clearly doesn’t understand what the black mirror is referring to. Television, the projection of thoughts, suggestions and emotions onto the cave wall of the viewer’s mind is known as the Mirror. Charlie Brooker has rightly identified television as the Black Mirror, offering the unsuspecting, dark and repugnant ideas and agenda to the conscious and subconscious mind. Television is a physiological assault weapon aimed directly at your soul with evil intention.

Stop right there: assuming a Hillary Clinton victory is downright dangerous

28 Oct 2016 12:47

Recent studies show that 77% of the public don’t trust polls, and for good reason. Front loading, over sampling and down rite rigging is standard fare for this type of primitive propaganda. They are used by the media to create a distorted picture and encourage or discourage respective sides. I’ve run the US election through the computer and put the candidates neck and neck.

28 Oct 2016 12:37

Hilary Clinton makes Nixon look like a Saint.

Foreign students are key to our economic and intellectual life. Let’s welcome them

30 Oct 2016 09:55

These illiberal globalists are part of a cult. Reason and logic have no part in their thinking. They are trying to destroy the fabric of British society, not educate it. They like the money of the foreign students but they especially like the new breeds which they can train and induct.

As long as the pyramid scheme of debt is being spread for the benefit of the multinationals and the few then the status quo is just fine for them. The majority of the policy makers and mainstream media are infected therefore a significant cull is necessary to get back on a sustainable course.

The FBI’s email inquiry is a fitting end to this dumpster fire of an election

30 Oct 2016 09:25

Richard Wolff must live in an area of high water fluoridation.

Endorsed by Ukip, backed by the Tories, independent Zac is a fake

30 Oct 2016 09:22

It’s good to see the babyboomer illiberal elite showing their true condition. Principle and honesty, as shown by Zac Goldsmith, is an enemy to these greedy narcissists who are happy to sacrifice their children to for fill their own self-loathing.

Brexit Britain is desperate for a decent genesis myth

30 Oct 2016 12:33

I respect Stewart for trying but he’s not even a plausible crazy.

Will Hillary Clinton lose the election because of the FBI’s email investigation?

30 Oct 2016 18:20

Hilary has reached the 3rd stage of grief. Her desperate pleading will be followed by depression and finally acceptance.

City gripped by speculation over Mark Carney’s future at Bank of England – business live

31 Oct 2016 08:48

Let’s be honest, Carney is just a leading minion of the banking cartel, which operates the pyramid scheme of debt, the weaponised unsound money. For them, he’s been ok, the PSD virus has been spread with aplomb, the future spent, the children sacrificed and the corruption now ubiquitous.

The truth is he has been a destroyer of worlds, the empire always having evil intention in mind. They could replace him with a snake in a basket and it would change nothing, every month he would appear and taste the air with his obnoxious lies while the sycophants in the press corps nod like trained animals.

Change will have to come from another direction before sound money, in tune with nature, can be restored. Over the pond, in the empire’s hq they are a staring down the barrel of a rigged election, a coup and marshall law. What a state of affairs.

City gripped by speculation over Mark Carney’s future at Bank of England – business live

31 Oct 2016 09:02

Dear Guardian, please remove the picture of Dr Carney surrounded by a gold halo. He and gold are strangers and should never be mentioned in the same sentence. It’s intellectually dishonest and offensive.

City gripped by speculation over Mark Carney’s future at Bank of England – business live

31 Oct 2016 10:25

The Bankers Debt to Society

On the farm the calf is born, suckled and fed. It grows to graze at will, unbothered and unworried as the farmer has removed all the predators. The only cost comes quickly and unspoken.

On animal farm, the young are born, suckled and fed. They grow quickly to be taken away for re-education, to be worried and sometimes prodded by the farmer who introduces them to the predators. The costs built quickly into a black hole of lies, a caged cell of debt and despair, until, when drugged and barely alive, they are no longer necessary. Some still question the civility of human nature.

31 Oct 2016 09:33

All you need to know about modern life can be explained in 22 words:

People need to understand that the entire purpose of Government is to deceive the public into believing they don’t have unlimited money.

Only sound money, limited in nature, can restore faith in government.

31 Oct 2016 09:24

People need to understand that the entire purpose of Government is to deceive the public into believing they don’t have unlimited money. This is why only sound money, limited in nature, can restore faith in government.

Brexit uncertainty dragging back revenues at WPP, warns Sir Martin Sorrell

31 Oct 2016 10:28

Sorrell’s Debt to Society

On the farm the calf is born, suckled and fed. It grows to graze at will, unbothered and unworried as the farmer has removed all the predators. The only cost comes quickly and unspoken.

On animal farm, the young are born, suckled and fed. They grow quickly to be taken away for re-education, to be worried and sometimes prodded by the farmer who introduces them to the predators. The costs built quickly into a black hole of lies, a caged cell of debt and despair, until, when drugged and barely alive, they are no longer necessary. Some still question the civility of human nature.

Forget the FBI cache; the Podesta emails show how America is run

31 Oct 2016 12:18

I hope the American people STOP and THINK. They’ve already had a dalliance with the Clinton crime family’s snake of corruption; don’t let them in to finish the job.

May backs Carney to serve full term as Bank of England governor

31 Oct 2016 16:47

In response to ID024418

Is that you again Hilary? Look, I’m not going to apologise for stealing your lines, and yes, I do still think you should be in prison.

31 Oct 2016 16:22

Mark Carney is a super-predator and should be made to heel.

FBI gets warrant to search Huma Abedin’s laptop for Clinton emails – election live

31 Oct 2016 20:24

Obama is obviously implicated; they are fighting like rats in a sack. And BREAKING NEWS, Bev Harris of has caught and exposed the electronic voting fraud. The establishment is corrupt to the core. What state of affairs.

FBI gets warrant to search Huma Abedin’s laptop for Clinton emails – election live

31 Oct 2016 20:38

In response to J.K. Stevens

I’m trying, for once, to be honest. If you prefer to continue the conversation in private please use my personal email

Mark Carney to serve extra year as Bank of England governor

31 Oct 2016 20:00

Moose steaks tonight. When Mrs Carney cooked them last time they were so tough they still had the marks where the jockey was whipping it.

Don’t stop at Nissan – we all need comfort letters now

31 Oct 2016 20:44

More evidence of mental illness posing as journalism.

Creating child poverty for a whole new generation. Take a bow, Theresa May

31 Oct 2016 21:11

Child poverty is also known as financial paedophilia, the explicit aim of the current financial model. The pyramid scheme of debt, which constitutes the money in operation today, is predicated on borrowing created debt from the banks which is paid for by the next generation through increased taxation, rent and higher prices of real assets. Largesse today paid for by the children tomorrow. It’s morally repugnant and people still wonder why the paedophile ring enquiry is such a challenge. What a state of affairs.

The Britain that Theresa May is trying to build has unstable foundations

1 Nov 2016 11:01

Of course Caroline is right, but for all the wrong reasons. The unstable structure is the pyramid scheme of created debt, the fundamentally unsound money being foisted on the unsuspecting public today. The keystone of every society is the construction of the money in use and a pyramid design is only useful when inverted. Only sound money, with its limits in nature, can provide the solid foundation for a society to flourish and grow.

Equip teachers to support children with language disorders in the classroom

1 Nov 2016 10:44

All good teachers should start the day with prayers and something along the lines of:

“Listen up children, there is something you need to know, they are trying to demoralise you. The social contract between citizen and govt was broken in 1973 at Bretton Woods, they are now just a cult, a nasty club, capable of un phathomable evil. You’ve been set up, to be fleeced and abused, from the start through a cruel and deviant deception, a weaponised debt money pyramid scheme, where the more of it you borrow and spend the more you trickle up all the real wealth to the top. Young and poor sacrificed all day, every day, for the benefit of the rich and old.”

Clara Furse to chair HSBC’s retail arm

1 Nov 2016 09:39

Don’t be fooled by the dress, this latest manifestation of the devil is still destroying the future, selling weaponised money, from the debt shop. They hope the pyramid scheme will continue to fleece the young and poor to benefit the rich and old.

Tim Berners-Lee warns of danger of chaos in unprotected public data

1 Nov 2016 17:15

“If you disrupted traffic data for example, to tell everybody that all the roads south of the river are closed, so everybody would go north of the river, that would gridlock you [and] disable the city,”

If that’s the case, all those involved in the implementation of this flawed technology should be fired post haste on grounds of breaching national security.

Planet Earth II and the bloodthirsty evolution of the nature documentary

1 Nov 2016 19:34

Everything the national propagandist does is based on deception, namely suppressing any discussion of the pyramid scheme of debt and promoting the false prophet of globalisation. They will psychologically attack the unsuspecting public with ideas that nature is beautiful yet violent, primitive and other worldly, distant from our own lives.

They want to create a grey sludge of unthinking debt slaves, all renting 300sqft city apartments, consuming whatever vacuous trinket there currently selling, all subservient to a small elite who rig all the markets, control all the assets and all the tools of control. Remember what Rockefeller said, “Competition is a sin”. These people want you enslaved, the plan is real and active.

Globalisation has already made London the real savage garden, a zoo enclosure where the animals are let loose in the day and lock themselves up at night. Although the situation is dire, things are not all lost. The fires liberty and sound money still burn brightly in the minds of the few, so awake from your slumber and demand the return of freedom.

Without the power of kindness, our society will fall apart

2 Nov 2016 09:04

I’ve got a lot of time for George Monbiot but his narrow intellectual capabilities leave him thrashing around in the shallow end of worldliness. Obviously he hasn’t spent 25 years as a practitioner but I’m surprised he remains so financially and economically autistic. The inconvenient truth is that he has bought the banking propaganda hook, line and sinker, that created debt is a good, expanding national debts are fine so long as a GDP number increases accordingly. Created debt is anything but. It is a pyramid scheme of unkindness built on the misery or the poor for the benefit of the rich. It is especially unkind to children, akin to financial paedophilia. Young and poor sacrificed to the old and rich.

The world is currently suffering a bout of mental illness which fully formed at Bretton Woods, a great delusion, that everything is sound, when it is anything but. Spin, misinformation, diversions and distractions are to blame, all promoting the further growth of a simple deception, the pyramid scheme of debt. It is the keystone which the entire structure of society is built and it is desperately unkind. Only the re-introduction of sound money, within the limits of nature, can save the world from a fate tantamount to hell on earth.

May and Corbyn at PMQs – Politics live

2 Nov 2016 12:06

Theresa May confused by a toddler, what a state of affairs.

Social media has us under surveillance – and your phone is a Stasi agent

2 Nov 2016 11:05

Although Freedland is as unconvincing as Rafael Bahr trying to hold back a sneer, he’s right, it’s a giant evil panopticon.

Social media has us under surveillance – and your phone is a Stasi agent

2 Nov 2016 11:11

Of course the NSA will say that without mass surveillance we wouldn’t know that Amber Rudd is an avid, bordering on obsessive, collector of shovels. She’s got a shed full and can’t walk past a grave without wanting to dig it up.

Time to hail Hillary Clinton – and face down the testosterone left

2 Nov 2016 09:48

In response to ColoradoJack

Glass-Steagall is but one example.

Clinton=Banking Cartel=Unsound money=Financial Tyranny.

2 Nov 2016 09:24

Hilary Clinton represents the age of fully unsound monetary economics, the current establishment position. In its simplest form unlimited money, created at will, is fundamentally bad because everything the govt subsequently does is predicated on a lie, that the money available is not unlimited. Govt becomes omnipotent, beholden to nothing, unaccountable and dangerous, operating a financial tyranny hidden in plain view. The keystone of a good society ripped away and sacrificed on the altar of greed, cunning and desperation. It is for this reason alone that the Clintons are unfit for office.

Hammond ‘to adopt flexible fiscal targets’ in autumn statement – Politics live

2 Nov 2016 09:40

‘to adopt flexible fiscal targets’

Translation, I’m too weak to make any important decisions, i’ll borrow it from the children instead, they’ll never know, especially as they’re so ignorant due to our education policy of exceptional ignorance.

What a vulgar and despicable excuse for an individual.

Bank of England leaves interest rates unchanged and raises growth and inflation forecasts – business live

3 Nov 2016 12:17

Carney keeps the pyramid scheme of debt confidence indicator 25 basis points off the cliff edge. His plan is now revealed, they intend on fleecing the public with over trend inflation as the time money funnel continues to gush for the banks and the privileged few.

Louis Smith’s ban is just a distraction from Britain’s real race issues

3 Nov 2016 10:20

It’s the hypocrisy and virtue signalling which infuriates. Political correctness is a societal veil preventing the open exchange of ideas, a tool of repression, designed by the same incompetents who implemented the problems in the first place. The closest the illiberal elite get to the problem is when they squeeze the take-away pass the security chain and say keep the change, retreating back into their safe spaces with a sense of relief.

High court says parliament must vote on triggering article 50 – Politics live

3 Nov 2016 11:21

Tantamount to a coup d’état.

Louis Smith’s ban is just a distraction from Britain’s real race issues

3 Nov 2016 10:57

Sikh’s, Hindu’s, Jew’s have integrated seamlessly, quietly practising their religions respectfully and peacefully, whereas Muslims, in generalisation, have isolated themselves preferring to create Islamic ghettos.

Wahhabism appears a dominant strain, promoted by the Saudi’s, and in its purest form is expansionary and hostile to non-believers. This makes Islam, as we know it, immiscible with liberal western values.

The feckless politicians and social planners who allowed this monstrosity to occur have held the snake to their bosom and are now petrified of it biting. As Hilary knows, Saudi Arabia, and its operatives, is the problem. What a self-inflicted state of affairs.

Louis Smith’s ban is just a distraction

3 Nov 2016 09:36

Amrani is right, it’s all a distraction. Mainstream journalism has descended into gang signalling and thinly veiled threats. Today, for example, the Guardian, who is representing the Clinton globalist crime family, is signally panic and shut-down, their dog whelping after being bitten following a sustained attack of the truth. The globalist gang is losing the arguments and their reason, a potentially volatile and dangerous mix.

FCA to investigate banks’ high-cost credit including overdrafts

3 Nov 2016 09:22

It’s like Loretta Lynch at the DoJ investigating Hilary Clinton. The FCA should be conducting a cost-benefit analysis on whether the pyramid scheme of debt is the best way to construct our monetary system, that way, we can get back to reality and reinstate sound money.

Amber Rudd was right to leave Orgreave in the past

3 Nov 2016 09:12

More prejudice and narrow cui bono posing as journalism. Amber Rudd can only be right in the shortest of time frames because at heart she is fundamentally unsound.

Ukip should elect Paul Nuttall, or it risks collapse

3 Nov 2016 18:17

In response to Claret1945

It’s Mathew Goodwin’s dog, his true nature.

3 Nov 2016 16:00

Paul Nuttall maybe the right choice for UKIP but if the establishment flower Mathew Badwin is recommending you then serious questions need to be asked. The only good thing about this guy is that he’s been a consistent failure in his job of destroying UKIP.

Brexit has caused havoc already. Now parliament must save us

3 Nov 2016 18:24

The establishment is playing an extremely risky game. They are saying that you can have all the democracy you like so long as it corresponds with the view of the deep state. Without a Constitution, it’s becoming harder to fend off the accusations that Britain is a thinly veiled corrupt tyranny of the elites and their vested interests.

If Donald Trump wins, it’ll be a new age of darkness

4 Nov 2016 22:33

Au contraire Freedland. Your faux civility is held together only with lies and deception. Truth, liberty and honour have no place in your world deceit. When all the misinformation and diversion is peeled back we’re left with nothing but a rotten democracy, the direct result of the pyramid scheme of debt, the unsound money which preys on the young and innocent. Only when this satanic globalist paedophile ring is exposed and ended can good people rest and true prosperity flourish and grow.

It’s winner takes all on Brexit island, because the audience demands it

4 Nov 2016 22:25

When all the misinformation and diversion is peeled back we’re a left with a rotten democracy, the direct result of the pyramid scheme of debt, the unsound money which preys on the young and innocent. Only when this satanic globalist paedophile ring is exposed and ended can good people rest and true prosperity flourish and grow.

The Big Con: what is really at stake on election day

5 Nov 2016 13:13

In response to simon8990

Putting the growth of the money supply in tune with nature is, and always has been, the only way to create sustainable economies and governments that are free from rampant corruption. Politicians have to become honest again which trickles down throughout society, purging the world of dirty money and influence.

I could go on, but those who want the continuation of this unsound pyramid scheme of created debt are promoting, amongst other things, rising inequality and financial paedophilia, just so you know.

5 Nov 2016 11:42

This article based on a premise that is grade A, inverted reality, nonsense. Small govt operating sound money, the gold standard, for the people, by the people, made America Great. As the government got bigger and the money descended, under the Fed, into the pyramid scheme of unlimited created debt, America has declined, under all metrics bar the size of the bubble created. To believe any other position is a self-deception, an affront to reason and the propaganda of a globalist cult who mean harm to humanity.

Big Pink: Mexican architects imagine Trump’s wall as Luis Barragán homage

5 Nov 2016 20:18

No wonder you can’t comment on anything to do with Hilary when it’s just been leaked that the Clinton Foundation lawyer in 2008 admitted that it’s crooked and needs cleaning up. Open source proof on How can the illiberal’s defend this state of affairs, apart from suppression and the censor?

In interesting times, we’re stuck with a dull and cautious chancellor

6 Nov 2016 12:11

In response to tonyfl

They key to the deception is getting people to believe the inverted reality that money created from debt is a public good. All the necessary intelligence can be found in The Pyramid Scheme of Debt by Tom Naysburn.

6 Nov 2016 10:22

Even in the high echelons of banking and the treasury the vast majority have no idea about the real forces driving money and economics. Hammond is a case in point. He has a basic textbook view of the world taking huge assumptions as gospel and therefore basing all his knowledge on flawed keystones. They joke that he will do anything for a cracker and a nibble of cheese and that’s why this accountant has become the Treasury’s spokesperson.

I could go on to explain the pyramid scheme of debt and the institutional satanic paedophile ring which runs it but suffice to say Hammond has no interest in defending the innocents, his measure of success is that obsoletely nothing changes. As a result, everything that Danger Mouse evacuates can be dismissed as vacuous nonsense.

The poison that has entered our political discourse is a threat to sense and reason

6 Nov 2016 09:15

McElvoy is so dark and twisted after years of pumping out the disinformation as a wanton globalist henchwoman she is now claiming faux surprise that a few clean shirts remain that want to defend the innocents from the pyramid scheme of debt and the institutional satanic paedophile ring which runs it.

The poison that has entered our political discourse is a threat to sense and reason

6 Nov 2016 09:27

Be under no illusions, as the guardian reports, McEvoy is regurgitating the agenda of the Rothschild’s front The Economist.

Tech is disrupting all before it – even democracy is in its sights

6 Nov 2016 09:44

The author is absolutely right, democracy is under technological attack. The reason we have a paper ballot is because it’s transparent and hard to rig. The counters can be watched and disputes easily resolved with re-counts. In short, it works.

So, what possible reason could exist for the introduction of internet linked electronic voting machines? The answer is fraud. They will say it’s quicker but speed doesn’t trump accuracy when it comes to voting. Technology is easy to corrupt, it removes the level of accountability whereby nobody is now watching the count.

Voting machines are designed to corrupt the vote and those who own the technology do the corrupting (Soros etal). This brings the entire US election into disrepute.

Tory ‘buy as you go’ plan to make renters homeowners

6 Nov 2016 12:48

“Buy as you go” is vacuous nonsense. For the uninformed, the statement describes all existing mortgages. People buying houses with mortgages are not really homeowners, if they stop repayments the bank can repossess at will, they are really just unwitting participants in the banks pyramid scheme of debt and paying usury amounts of interest in the process. It is the last thing the banks want, but only once a mortgage is repaid can people honestly call themselves home owners, they want you in debt in perpetuity, this is why the term mortgage is derived from the French, mort gage or death token.

Ignore the leavers’ tantrums – it’s time for us to build Brexit Britain

6 Nov 2016 17:58

It’s good to know who’s holding Zoe’s lead. The Fabian women’s club is like a witches black mass where they gather round the pot and plan the further globalisation of the pyramid scheme of debt on behalf of the banking cartel and dream about positions of power in the inevitable authoritarian tyranny of the many by the few. Only sound money can defend the innocents from the evil intentions of these despicable, dare I say, traitors.

Stock markets rally and US dollar jumps after Clinton cleared – business live

7 Nov 2016 09:28

When member of a govt can’t be prosecuted because it threatens to expose the wider intrinsic corruption of the entire system then you have a classic tyranny. Comey’s flip-flopping side show has revealed that nobody has Hilary Clinton’s lead and she’s running loose, into trouble.

The Guardian view on America’s choice: Don’t vote for Trump. Elect Clinton

7 Nov 2016 16:59

Mark my words. I was always told that in life, you just can’t take, you have to put back in. The Clinton crime gang is still on the lam and yet to see that virtue has its own reward.

Bond traders, Trots and Mumsnetters must unite against Farage’s mob

7 Nov 2016 18:03

Paul the Trot is so dishonest he can’t even mention the source of the problem, the unspeakable truth, that the pyramid scheme of debt, the unsound money, is the root of all the discontent. He may well be embarrassed, with good reason, as he has failed to defend the innocents for years as a talking head in the discredited mainstream media, yet, without confronting this monster the problem will continue to grow, finally blowing up in spectacular fashion.

Marina Abramovic: the latest target in the rightwing culture wars

7 Nov 2016 18:33

He did his best but Jonathan’s heart is not in it. Not surprising really, the illiberal elite has been busted. The evidence of a satanic paedophile ring is all there in plain view, emanating from the pyramid scheme of debt, the unsound money, which abuses the innocents, the establishment is riddled with it, and even Justice Goddard couldn’t handle dealing with the snakes. What a state of affairs.

US election 2016: voters head to polls as Trump and Clinton aim to make history – live

8 Nov 2016 10:36

Clinton is a good choice if you like rampant inequality, unleashed omnipotent government, the destruction of opportunity and the quickening death of your children’s future. All caused by the banking cartel’s pyramid scheme of debt which she so fervently supports.

8 Nov 2016 10:55

In response to jayaess

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain. It’s a new account because my comments keep getting blocked by the illiberal censor who wants to shut down any opinion which doesn’t coincide with their own. This is a perfect analogy for Clinton’s planned attack on the 1st amendment. I never swear or insult, only my genius offends them. Without free speech, a free press and free association, the descent to an authoritarian tyranny is but an executive order away. Is that what you want?

US election 2016: voters head to polls as Trump and Clinton aim to make history – live

8 Nov 2016 10:17

I urge all voters to be vigilant regarding fraud.

AVOID electronic voting machines at all cost, demand your right to a paper ballot and get official confirmation of your vote.
WATCH for any suspicious activity, such as multiple voting, large organised groups-record all activity and report to the police.

US election 2016: voters head to polls as Trump and Clinton aim to make history – live

8 Nov 2016 10:07

Unless you’re the 1%, voting for Hillary Clinton is an admission of ignorance.

US election 2016: Donald Trump says ‘it’s time to come together’ – live

9 Nov 2016 09:00

When in pursuit of sound money magical things can happen.

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