Please Scotland, Save our Town

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scotlandThe lovely border town of Berwick upon Tweed faces total destruction as a viable economic entity if the Scots vote Yes on 18th September.  To construct an economic wall just north of the town can only negatively effect its future prospects.

Like everything in our highly financialised world, money and economics dominates every aspect of our lives.  A Yes vote, creating a pegged currency, and by extension, currencies of differing values will, at a stroke, start the relentless and unstoppable process of decline in the border regions of both countries.  Cross border trade will decline as a de facto transaction tax is introduced, property prices will have to adjust lower as marginal buyers flee and holiday homes are sold.  Scottish visitors to Berwick will decline, as will southern visitors heading north. The lifeblood of the town will be slowly drained into the North Sea.

For perspective and to balance my argument, on the upside, cross border crime will inevitably increase as criminals look to exploit the weakness, created by the void of police forces no longer cooperating with each other.

I urge all fellow residents of border towns to contact their Scottish friends and plead for clear heads and rational thought on 18th September.  Life as you know it, depends on it.


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