Our Dysfunctional 4th Sector

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bbcI love the BBC, producing educational and entertainment programmes such as Yes Prime Minster and the Ryder Cup highlights, but in the endless pursuit of pseudo impartiality the BBC has corralled us into the cul de sac of non-debate and farce, where politicians or other PR representatives are allowed to promote nonsense as fact, without any questioning of the proposition. To isolate but one example, in the build up to the Scottish Referendum,the SNP were allowed to propagate the airwaves with the untruth that an independent Scotland could operate a currency union when all the decision makers had explicitly said they couldn’t, yet BBC news presenters allowed this nonsense to pass. Facts, or known knowns, must be presented as such until disproved. The daily psy-op needs a tweaking.

In the case of the currency union, was this because they were playing dumb or do they just not understand the real issues at hand, or are they participating in an even more sinister form of reasoning, that they themselves were calling a bluff ahead of time, calling a known known as a known unknown. Either way, what contempt and arrogance this shows towards the “citizens” who pay the bills. Or, did they actually believe their condition would be improved by splitting and having 2 masters instead of one. Of course I do not know, and can only speculate, but a close eye should be kept on Rona Fairhead’s new BBC to “keep them honest” and re-leash the gluttony of excess, on the gravy train of public monopoly money.

So are they actually dumb? How can this be when so many of the employees have such exulted educations from Oxford and Cambridge, including a bucket load of PPE’s, such as Hugh Pym. May I suggest the problem again lies at the point of greatest weakness. When competition is stifled, as in nature, people become lazy in attitude, thinking and personal development. Maybe Hugh Pym thought he had learned all he needed to know when he left Oxford, and if an easy, overpaid, guaranteed, “steady as she goes” life was his goal, he’s succeed admirably. That attitude is symptomatic of the wider problem which is holding our great nation back.

It is also fascinating to observe how, when they themselves are questioned, impartiality and fairness is dropped like an unfaithful boyfriend, in headlong pursuit of defending the honourable institution. “They don’t like it up them” springs to mind. Who does, but hypocrisy, like Jeremy Clarkson, lingers in the mind and breeds mistrust and resentment in the eyes of the Great British public. The BBC have tied themselves, and us, up in knots with their dysfunctional brand of political correctness, which plays a major part in many of our ills. For example, this has most recently manifested itself in the inability of leaders in Rotherham, being so psychologically shackled, they could not deal with a paedophile ring because it had a racial subtext. Rona has some serious problems to solve, and I believe she is up to the job.

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