19th Apr 2016

Why Fiat Economics is an Earthquake Waiting to Happen

For the last 40 years we have used a money system called fiat economics. The money in use today is created from the issuance of debt. When you take out a loan or a mortgage, the money is printed for the purpose and issued to you as debt and inversely as credit for the bank. Fiat money is created, not earned. The fiat money system is sustained by ever increasing the amount of debt. In my opinion, fiat money is dishonest money and fundamentally unsustainable because it is based on the key features of ponzi and pyramid schemes and fashioned around the inverted reality, or deception, that debt is good. Despite being legal, the longer it survives it will trap nearly everyone in ever increasing poverty and ever decreasing freedoms. Allow me to summarise.

Why is it a hybrid pyramid scheme?
From wiki definition “new members are recruited via the promise of payments and services” The Gov. and the Banks tell the adults if they support the system they will receive pensions, health services, tax credits etc. The parents tell the “new members”, children and immigrants, that debt is good and they must borrow to survive. New entrants at the bottom of the pyramid scheme are children and immigrants.
“The debt pyramid grows but those at the bottom receive less and less benefit” The pyramid of debt funnels real assets up to the top yet the “benefits” for the bottom are diminishing, for example pension age increased to 70+, pension benefits slashed, introduction of student debt,etc

Why is it a hybrid ponzi scheme?
From wiki “…the operator pays returns to its investors from new capital rather than from profit earned through legitimate sources” The returns, “promises of payments and services”, the pensions, tax credits, the other incentives are paid for, not out of a balanced budget, but with government borrowing, further adding to the debt bubble. The government is in effect borrowing to pay the existing “investors”. It can only sustain its promises by borrowing and it never pays its debts back.
Operators of ponzi schemes entice new investors with higher returns than other investments
This is why since its full inception in 1974, interest rates for savers have fallen to zero, final salary pensions have ended, retirement ages have increased, free university education has ended etc. The enticements are becoming less enticing over time. This explains why debt bubbles are inherently unstable the longer they exist. This is currently manifested in the brazen central bank “QE” and threats of “helicopter drops”.

As you can see Fiat money operates with the key features of the ponzi and pyramid scheme. It is dishonest and fundamentally unsustainable over time unless it is complemented with authoritarian control. Armed with the truth it’s time to expose this financial enslavement and destruction of liberty and reinstate sound money, money which is earned, money which is limited to our love of nature.

MP’s need to start planning a change in the law.

13th Mar 2016

The Spectre of Perma-Stagnation by Design

Free market capitalism is now but a conceptual illusion. Today we are living in a managed command and control economy under an increasingly barbaric fiat banking tyranny. The money is unlimited, unless you need it, while some governments and big business are being paid by the banks to borrow, yet savers cannot receive a real return. Any store of wealth which isn’t limited in nature is destined to lose value. The debt mountain has never been bigger, every second of every day the debt is increasing, layer upon layer of new debt based money being created, unrepayable and unaccountable. Herein lies the truth that cannot be concealed.

As the fiat pyramid scheme grows, interest rates can never return to median levels. This is why inflation cannot be seen to increase. If the banker’s public face, the central banks, wanted to create inflation it could be done at a stroke. In the same way that GDP figures were inflated by including estimates of illegal drugs and prostitution, the existing inflation calculation could simply include housing costs. Inflation cannot rise because this would trigger interest rate hikes. If interest rates were to rise, the mega debt would be unserviceable. The pyramid is inherently unstable when default occurs.

Those who designed pyramids of debt in full knowledge that it would be done on the backs of future generations, ensuring children will be successively worse off, while real assets are funnelled to the top, have made the ultimate Faustian pact. No right minded person would plead to the weaknesses of greed, envy and loathing to satisfy their own, while feasting on the guaranteed misery of younger generations.

The current fiat system of unsound money is trapped, and its continued existence is now being engineered as a managed decline into a tyranny; society and existing liberties taken down by design. The mind-set of the bankers is Too Big to Fail, for everybody else, Too Big to Fail must be confined to the dustbin of history. Hubris, oaths or simple cui bono prevent them from changing of their own volition, they’ve made their deal and that is to abuse, corrupt and exploit the power to create money.

The signs are all around, the world is on course to morph into a grey wasteland with an elite plutocracy, and associated forces, presiding over a neo-peasant class extinguished of all hope in perpetual borderline poverty, surviving on a diet of emptiness, transfixed by the flicker rate, able only to muster a series of grunts from the confines of a cell provided generously by the panopticon of total surveillance. Only sound money can reverse this direction of travel.

If public trust in government is at all-time lows why would we entrust all our values to a set of unaccountable bankers who don’t have our best interests at heart? This is why they must be accountable to an entity greater than themselves, the whole power of nature pitched against the weakness and fallibility of a human mind. Unsound money, created by deception, acts like a poisoned arrow on the body of society. I ask the question, who do you trust to control the money, and by definition your values, a secretive society of bankers or the physical limits afforded by nature, all those years that evolution has created? For me, these natural limits should include a basket of goods, not just gold; this would represent a true layer of accountability above the fragility of the human condition, a new money which everyone can believe in.

14th Feb 2016

A Counter Factual History of Time, Forging ahead with Sound Money:

The money we use encapsulates all our values, the manifestation of all our hopes, dreams and desires; it represents society’s collective morality. Politicians are said to be a reflection of ourselves and they have never been held in less esteem. The world has reached a period of peak corruption in direct correlation with the use of fiat money.

Unsound fiat money corrupts and depraves everything in its path because it is based on a deception, an untruth, a confidence trick on the mind. Just like the machinery of a computer it all comes down to black and white, zero’s and one’s. Good money is earned, bad money is created and devised.

Fiat money is counterfeit, which is double-dutch for counter fact. Your reality has been inverted by believing a simple untruth, that debt with created money is an asset. Debt with created money is not wealth, it is a liability. That lie has permeated every crack and crevice of humanity. We have credit cards which in reality are debt cards, we have credit scores, which are actually your debt scores, you ask “will the bank give you credit?” in truth you are asking for debt, the banking system has inverted your reality, to protect the pyramid scheme, to keep your con.

Money which is created, which is unlimited in nature, is a twisted reality. Our current fiat money is a created pyramid scheme of debt; I defy you not to recognise the simple nature of its design, a classic ponzi scheme, layering debts upon debts, funnelling real wealth upwards into a decreasing number of hands, an inversion of trickle down.

Fiat money is debt. The key point is that fiat money is a forgery, it is created not earned. It is a public deception. It is like a construction containing a pyramid shaped keystone, placed incorrectly, liable to slip at any moment, bringing the structure crashing down.

Money which is limited in nature emits sound waves through society and is the only solution to ensure a sustainable future.

29th Jan 2016

A Ricochet on the Pyramid of Truth

The Fiat Money System is broken beyond repair.

For the last 42 years the American banks have forced on the world the financial “experiment” of fiat economics, or debt based money. In the banking business, debt is known as paper. Fiat money is issued and controlled by the major banks and their central banks. They are given the authority to so by Government and the Law. Paper money differs from sound money, such as commodity backed money, because it is created rather than earned. Every time a new loan is made, new fiat money is created. The supply of fiat money is the supply of new debt.

Debt, be that loans, mortgages or bonds, is spending today the future effort which will be spent repaying it; the principle is a distortion of time, debt is like borrowing the future today.

Be under no illusion, the mechanics behind fiat money are that of a pyramid scheme. Its survival is predicated on constantly adding additional layers of new debt. By controlling the issuance of new loans, primarily through interest rates, the banks control the asset bubbles the new money creates. Just like a pyramid scheme the job of the banker is to convincing people to borrow, to spend today what they do not have, to be paid back in the future. Ponzi schemes work until new entrants dry up, in this case, the banks run out of people to lend to. When debt bubbles implode, the price of assets fall.

When the loans went bad in 2007/8, to save themselves, instead of taking their medicine, the central banks slashed the cost, or interest rate, of money, creating fresh money in an attempt to prop up the price of assets already bought and the scheme itself. Fast forward to today and Abe’s arrow has just ricocheted against the pyramid of truth, interest rates in Japan are now negative, and the banks have been forced to pay debtors to take new loans.

Look at it another way, as more future wealth is spent, there is a point in time where the future itself begins to look bleak rather than bright, also known as the law of diminishing returns. As you continue to spend wealth from the future today bubbles eventually become unstable as the number of available new entrants diminishes. Today the Japanese have reduced the price of new debt below zero but the problem is unsolvable. The pyramid scheme has sunk into its own unstable foundations.

The beneficiaries of the scheme have been the banks who earn interest out of nothing and established holders of assets which were funnelled into a decreasing number of hands. Because fiat money costs nothing to produce, it’s just a piece of paper, it’s value has been derived from convincing people to borrow, to bring forward expenditure from the future to be spent in the real economy today. Due to cui bono and hubris the banks are ploughing on, like Scott in the Antarctic, in complete denial. The bankers and their central bankers are continuing to spend the future but the future is nearly all spent. All pyramid schemes eventually fail because the earth is finite in nature.

It only takes a few devious but intelligent people to conduct a Pyramid scheme; in fact it could now be a scheme without a leader. Once the major lies are believed, such as the conflation of debt as wealth or spending as borrowing, the web is self-enforcing. I don’t know who is complicit or ignorant but the entire financial system, and the mainstream media charged to protect it, is predicated on these deceits .So now you are awake and it’s time to reassess, the spell has been broken, the mists have cleared. How is it possible to look at the financial system in the same way again?


7th Jan 2016

Open letter to David Cameron 7th Jan 2016

Dear David

I hope your well.

Look, it’s time for a bit of honesty. We both know that all the public’s problems are
rooted in the same thing – unsound money and the consequences it sows – playing
the public like fools has been successful for the last few years but I must
tell you I fear the game is up.

People want money they can trust. They understand that honest
money creates a certainty, a confidence to plan, to invest, to prosper.
Dishonest money breeds mistrust of authority, of information, of others, of the

People are sick and tired of unsound money, money just
printed on paper and thrown around like confetti backed by nothing but debt, lies
and rampant inequality. It is strangling
all confidence in the future.

We know that money which is sound is backed by a universal
truth not a set of lies, that’s why the Gold Standard provided stability and prosperity
for centuries. People have no reason to trust a fiat government; they would
prefer to trust themselves and society as a whole. The link between the government
control of money and its supply must be de-coupled by making it sound and
limited in nature. It will improve both government, citizens and their mutual
relationship. Only the 1% uber rich and
the mega banks will be affected but they can cope and adapt like all good
businesses and individuals.

For the alternative, all we need to do is decide what we value
within nature and limit our money to its use.
Money without limit creates problems without solution, it is inhuman in
nature and the time is right to end the experiment and walk away as better and
wiser men.

Go out and use these words to create the change that all

Yours faithfully

Tom Naysburn

5th Jan 2016

The Sword of Damocles for Fiat Economics

The economic, social and moral basis for fiat money is broken beyond repair.

Capitalism represents the market place for money. History tells us that it is the most efficient way of bringing savers and borrowers together. The more efficient and free the market the tighter the spread of prices received or paid. This spread constitutes the health of capitalism. Capitalism is unwell but not the problem, the money we use is.

Fiat money has been in existence for just over 44 years. Let’s take a look at some facts. Interest rates represent a) the cost of money for borrowers or the price paid to savers b ) the health (or confidence) of the system from the point of view of the banks. When fiat interest rates are high, so is the banks confidence in its money. When interest rates are low, so is confidence.

Interest rates are currently at all-time lows.

Savers can’t make a real return and in some cases are actually paying, in both nominal and real terms, to deposit money in banks. For savers fiat money has no value.
Borrowers fare differently depending on who they are.
Governments: Central banks, such as the Swedish Riksbank, are now actually paying Governments to borrow their money. The bank’s fiat money has a negative value; they can’t give it away to Government. This phenomenon is known as negative rates, and it represents the fact that confidence in fiat money has never been lower.
Corporates: Depending on the size, the banks have been prepared to give its money away for free (0%) or at a small cost.
Individuals: Despite base rates being zero or even negative, the cost of money to individuals can vary dramatically from around 4% to levels of usury exceeding 1000%.
Take-away: The perceived credit-worthiness between individuals and Gov’t/Big Business has never been wider.

So what are these facts telling us?
Fiat money is bad for savers
Fiat money is good for big business and Government.
Fiat money is very bad for consumers.
Fiat money is destroying Free market Capitalism.

Fiat money is run by the central banks for the benefit of themselves. Politicians have to answer the following question: Should monetary economics be run for the benefit of a few banks, businesses and governments or for the billions of individuals populating the earth?

10th Dec 2015

Challenging and Testing Times

“It’s a bit rich to single out the Tories for deceit. Every member of Parliament is displaying stratospheric levels of deceit and/or ignorance. Everyday they surreptitiously spout support for money based on debt, handling a genuine weapon of mass destruction. They justify the system of borrowing from the future, your children, never paying it back, and ensuring rampant inequality. If you want proof that what I’m saying is true, just try and get any of them, or the media, to deny or discuss it.”

7th Oct 2015

Another article without a mention of monetary theory and why it’s of fundamental importance.

Money is the thing encapsulates all our values because we value all our wants and desires in it. In fact to talk about anything else in life is really just hot air and bluster.

Everything has a value which makes “the money” so powerful it is the most important thing in most people’s lives. The current problems stem from the fact the current monetary system is based on a classic pyramid Ponzi scheme of debt which has been exposed and confidence in it has been deeply undermined. Fiat (or paper) money is a pyramid scheme because its continued value and existence requires the issuance of layers upon layers of new debt. It is like a Ponzi scheme because it is sold as something it is not. It is sold as safe and secure, yet it is maintained by a game of confidence played between the politian’s / bankers and the general public.

More and more people, businesses and organisation are now working this out and the result is an increasing lack of confidence and a desire for the old principles of sound money. As Glencore has recently shown this desire makes current asset prices highly over-valued.

Money is a complex subject formed from simple principles. Using the US as the example, In 100 years the dollar it has crumbled from a pure gold standard to a gold standard with fractional reserve to a fully unhinged fiat currency.

The price or value of anything, including a currency, is determined by supply and demand. Under a gold standard or commodity money, its value is determined by a finite supply and the hard work needed to retrieve it. Fiat money has no value other than that given to it by a governments law and the process of creating it.

Fiat money is actually just debt. When you borrow from the bank, the money is created out of thin air to loan to you. The supply of fiat money is formed by the issuance of debt. The process of debt itself can be understood as simply spending the future today. In other words, debt is borrowing wealth from the future or effectively from the next generation. (The real life example is getting your children to pay $500k for a house that would have cost you $50k)

When this process is understood you can see the value of fiat currency is an illusion maintained by a game of confidence between the issuer (banks) and the general public (the borrower).

Banks create illusions of wealth as asset prices are forced higher by the issuance of more debt (fiat money). If borrowers all paid back their loans, asset prices would collapse, therefore you can see banks create pyramid schemes of wealth based on money which costs them nothing to create on which interest is charged.

The issuers of the currency control the fortunes of the people but this fact is never advertised which makes banking and money lending with fiat money one shrouded in deceit.

The result of this process of obfuscation permeates throughout society whereby all business is based on varying degrees of deception (for example VW emissions etc etc).

So ultimately, the choice of currency type comes down to one of morality. Money which is limited is honest and good, whereas fiat money is inherently dishonest and bad.

Where do you stand?

14th May 2015

Shock horror, the Prince of Wales has some informed opinions

He appears to have an easy going manner and winning smile, what’s not to like about Prince Charles?

Mr Carney shows his sense of humour with “real effective rates”

13th May 2015

12th May 2015

EU and Germany try to devolve its problems onto the Greek people, Tired and emotional, Nigel Farage goes back on his word, BIS want a global code of conduct, BBC risk becoming the story again, Strauss makes big call

11th May 2015

China cuts rates again as PPI contracts, More Greek can kicking?, The best chance of remaining within the EU requires a successful renegotiation of terms

8th May 2015

Conservatives win by a clear head

7th May 2015

Lusitania sinking centenary memorial service to be held

6th May 2015

US trade deficit surges , Even Steve Maclaren refuses to work for Mike Ashley

5th May 2015

Why voting Labour is misguided and dangerous

As the Reuters columnist James Saft wrote today “the world is becoming bigger, not smaller, it is de-globalising.” He may well be right but one thing is certain, the Labour party continue to hold onto outdated ideology and dogma.  For example, they continue to conflate wealth with debt (as yesterday’s Guardian piece about David Lammy so eloquently exposed).  Ed Miliband and the SNP barmy army believe debt is wealth, whereas others understand debt is merely an instrument to borrow, which as we’ve already seen, can be extremely dangerous.  Under a fiat system, which Ed Balls and Miliband so heartily endorse, cui bono and narcissism is king, under progressive sound monetary policies, society and the greater good is king.  Perversely, Labour want to continue the debt, borrowing and taxing which caused the problems and suffering in the 1st place.  That is why voting Labour is misguided and dangerous for the good of all not just a few.

Things must be deteriorating, ECB’s Mr Constantino pipes up, PM Modi to visit China to discuss Nepal?, Stuart Bingham defies insults to become World Champion

4th May 2015

China PMI contracts again, Baltimore lifts curfew, All round good news, Chelsea win Premiership, Ryan Moore takes Guinea’s double

1st May 2015

BBC Leaders Debate

As I saw it, the BBC held a fair race which the PM won by a clear head from a surprisingly good run by Nick Clegg.  Ed Miliband trailed in ahead of Nicola Sturgeon, Leanne Wood and the bankers buddy, Nigel Farage. If you promise not to tell anyone, I’ve bet the house on a new Conservative Liberal coalition.

MEPs vote to increase parliamentary budget, Lloyds give away TSB to Banco de Sabadell

30th Apr 2015

Fed mute as US GDP flatlines, German and French consumption data contracts, Murdoch barks 1st order of election, BBC on a full Labour offensive impartiality in tatters, Pink and brown cost O’Sullivan

29th Apr 2015

Markets stagger zombified towards Fed statement, Labour’s message to the younger generation voters: don’t bother growing up, your future has already been spent, Mr Tsipras signals incompetence

28th Apr 2015

Why I don’t do Facebook

I’m not really sure about Facebook, all they want you to do is type into a machine all day.  To my mind, Facebook doesn’t help people it enslaves them, trying to monopolise their time to harvest all their information with which to advertise them stuff that they don’t need, to be paid for with money they don’t have. An all round bad deal.

Nepalis “angered and frustrated” by slow Govt response, Japanese retail sales plunge, Apple makes new lows , Google attempt a thinly veiled bribe of mainstream media, National Guard on the streets of Baltimore

27th Apr 2015

Why Labour’s borrowing plan doesn’t work

Government borrowing (selling bonds) is not the same as individual or corporate borrowing.  Individuals have to pay their loans back, governments generally roll theirs, and if they have to roll over at higher rates it can’t be afforded (especially when you’ve already got a huge debt pile).  It’s as simple as that.

Labour’s completely contradictory housing policy, Cyprus 2.0 for Greece?, Deutsche Bank in 3.7bn Euro overhaul

24th Apr 2015

HSBC try the Plata O Plomo routine , German business morale up as Euro continues to fall

23rd Apr 2015

China factory data disappoints again, Japanese trendsetting demographics , Deutsche Bank gets fined

22nd Apr 2015

If the SNP form a Government with Labour I will leave the country, no ifs no buts, A tower of chips or a stable stack?, Copper returns to contango

21st Apr 2015

3 month Euribor goes negative for 1st time - Banks are being paid to borrow as Euro QE takes hold, free money just got cheaper

China sees first state owned firm default, EU shows its divisions and incompetence over migrant people trafficking, Sir John Major takes aim at Sturgeon’s independence barmy army, Greek Central Bank calls in it’s chips

20th Apr 2015

ECB suffers creditability issue with “my IOU is better than your IOU” taunt, UK election campaign takes on an air of desperation, China cuts reserve ratio, considering QE?

17th Apr 2015

Greece starts thinking planning talking in Drachma (Varoufakis on Reuters), Crispin Wright of Rothschild’s appointed head of UK Takeover panel, Does the CPS decision on Janner risk setting a worrying precedent?

16th Apr 2015

The Myth of Trickle Down

It seems clear that trickle down economics is blocked and a new vision is needed.  If we can remove the obstructions of unsound money and the resulting corporate and institutional greed and corruption we can create a bubbling stream of ideas and good will bounded by lush green banks teaming with wildlife.  The stream flows into the sea which rains on the hills and feeds the stream, a natural cycle in perfect balance.

The Irony: As ECB promises “firm” rollout of money printing, Mario gets showered in paper

Fetch that, Gravity Payments Dan Price hits it out the park, RICS stoke the fire, IMF political forecasts make new lows

15th Apr 2015

China growth figures at 6 year low, EU move on Google, Canada considers China’s Asia Bank, Sterling needs some better friends, The Fed still in a spin over timing of rate hike

14th Apr 2015

The fact Labour can’t admit they want to borrow £30bn a year just conveys they have no confidence in their own plan.

Deutsche Bank backs Labour despite debt issues, UK retail spending up according to BRC, China announces new surveillance laws

13th Apr 2015

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” E Blair

Chinese exports in shock fall, US looks backwards as Clinton announces Presidential bid, Jordon Spieth wins Masters

10th Apr 2015

Greece folds to IMF, Richie Benaud dies aged 84

9th Apr 2015

Ed Miliband lands the 1st meaningful punch, USD rise looks set to continue

8th Apr 2015

Shell and BG create a monster, German Industrial orders fall, Delusional Sturgeon hell-bent on independence at any price, BBC in disarray, Sen Rand Paul launches Presidential bid

7th Apr 2015

ECB lifts capital controls on Cyprus, Chatham House rules scupper Mr Alexander, Blair slithers back into the political debate

3rd Apr 2015

ITV Leaders Debate: Most people wont bet on a horse race without a racecard.  For my money, it was a kindergarten level debate with an air of farce, even the presenter changed blinkers mid race, totally ungenuine.  Only Mr Farage and the PM had a grasp of the problem.  Side bets: Rupert Murdoch’s YouGov took 2 minutes to poll 500 people to determine the debate result, what a nonsense.  Conclusion: Voters want to back a genuine animal not a vacuous show pony as leader.

Greece starts thinking planning in Drachma

Good news in Iran nuclear talks

2nd Apr 2015

Nuclear talks hang in the balance , McDonalds show the franchisees the way, UK election campaign prepares to make new lows

Labour is setting up the Conservatives for the knock out punch.

If the Conservatives pledged to move with speed to legislate over the next parliament to increase the minimum wage towards a living wage, thousands and thousands of unregistered and undecided voters would flock to the polls for a Conservative majority.

Raising the “water line” would serve many masters.  Businesses who are already plumbing the depths with questionable business plans would bleat but with all new certainties they would quickly adapt.

The increased labour costs would eventually be passed through the supply chain into higher aggregate prices. All of the increase in wages would be spent by the individuals but the major beneficiary would be Mr Carney and his inflation target which is teetering on the brink.  Mr Carney and the Treasury would be doing hand stands as the inflation trend is re-established in the nation’s calculations.

1st Apr 2015

England held back by managers experiment

31st Mar 2015

A brief look at price discovery in a market

How does the market arrive at a price? At any point in time market participants are employing their own trading strategies.  These may include: high tickers, low tickers, chart painters, bottom pickers, trend followers, hedgers, central bankers, shaders, fakers, bullies, sheep, wolves, scalpers, ringers, sharks and contrarians.  When all are aggregated you get a market price which you can buy, sell or ignore. The socialists dream of central planning, ignoring cui bono and human nature, to shackle the “invisible hand” of market forces by fixing prices to the will of the central controller.  Conservative lovers of liberty trust many brains instead of just one.  This is why Ed Miliband and Balls will never run an economy successfully because they don’t trust the many, only the few.

Three weeks into ECB QE, markets begin taper talks, Caveat Emptor for punters: If you bet on this market you will probably be voting for Nick Clegg, UK Q4 Growth revised up

30th Mar 2015

Australia wins cricket world cup, BofE sending more mixed signals, Mr Cook deserves congratulations, will the company follow suit on tax?, Trafiguria and Rosneft get engaged while Nyrstar gets cornered, Questionable judgement: PM wastes remaining barrel missing Mr Bercow

The Political Marketplace

For my money, the “market” or “election outcome” will be made, as always, on the margins; north, south, east and west where disparate positions and views collide, a political Hadron Collider.  In these environments volatility is higher as people search for the “path of least resistance” where they can balance cui bono and social responsibility.  Influences may come from many sources, such as local press, national press, the google brain, personal prejudice, local influencers, family, friends – from all interactions in people’s daily lives.  When all is said and done a market, especially a free one, will always take the path of least resistance.

27th Mar 2015

After all a futures market is for hedging

26th Mar 2015

Richard III to be reburied, Kraft and Heinz get cornered, SAC underwhelmed by the honorary doctor

25th Mar 2015

A Triptych of the Polls

Pollsters are merely weather makers, tipsters and touts with vested interests.  The market is so much more than that, the aggregation of all minded thoughts backed up by cold hard cash.  Sometimes the market maybe wrong but over the march of time it will always contain the truth. I’d follow a free market every every every time.

Investigators seek clues, BofE’s Shafik makes new lows, Life is but an endless process of decay, my usual please bar steward

24th Mar 2015

China’s PMI contracts, What’s all the fuss about? PM creates another certainty, a known known, and people love a fact, At last the FA talk sense, Stuck in the revolving door

23rd Mar 2015

Chew Chew, who’s getting off the BBC gravy train?

The BBC pigeon loft is constantly talking to the wrong arguments, such thinly veiled ignorance or suppression is a weeping sore on auntie’s coveted impartiality.  They claim not to know what Britishness is, yet everyone else knows it’s whatever they want it to be.  If the BBC can’t work for good they will just pollute the public mind, or Google brain.

Heavy signalling by Reuters, Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew dies aged 91

20th Mar 2015

Mr Kuroda’s extraordinary statement, Danny Alexander proves the Lib Dems are just playing at politics, maybe his village is missing him, Mike Ashley on the offensive

19th Mar 2015

Mrs Yellen looses “patience” abit, Ed’s Balls Labour in disarray, Mr Draghi’s tower proves unpopular, China and Japan start talks

18th Mar 2015

Markets wait on tender hooks as Mrs Yellen contemplates a new word, “Sense and your sensibilities” by Mr Osborne?, Paralysed by the uncertainty of contradiction, Like making a double bogey from the middle of the fairway – nearly unforgiveable, Congratulations go to David Pearce of Queen Mary’s Grammar in Walsall

17th Mar 2015

Things are looking up, Mr Junker wants a deal as Mr Draghi wants quantum leap in integration, Prince Harry to leave army after 10 years

16th Mar 2015

Banco Madrid enters insolvency, Looks like Vanuatu need help from the International Development Secretary, Did the BBC’s Director General just pick sides?

14th Mar 2015

This year I watched the Festival in the mirror, sorry the TV, it looked emotional. The only antidote to that is pure thought, to see beauty and the right of the thing without desire. For me, the highlight was obviously Coneygree but the Scudamore’s touching off Ireland for the Prestbury Cup was a sensational result all round.

13th Mar 2015

Smart move by Mr Kent, buying kudos and good will cheaply for his team, Hazel Blears lacks the intelligence to be effective, Cable is worried Mr Carney can’t or wont follow the Fed on the tightening cycle

12th Mar 2015

Deutsche Bank and Santander fail Fed stress tests, Russia to deploy nuclear weapons to Crimea?

11th Mar 2015

Freud’s are slipping all over the shop, as Rona does Jeremy, China data disappoints, Blythe Masters makes new lows

10th Mar 2015

Blind eyes turned everywhere, HSBC’s Mrs Fairhead brings the BBC into disrepute, incompetence or complicity either way its gross misconduct.  The public need somewhere to trust in the battle of information, and cover-ups don’t engender it

The start of the Festival to brighten and balance the mood

Captaining England hasn’t suited Eoin

9th Mar 2015

Japanese GDP revised down again, All eyes on the Boothroyd Room, BBC supressing unbiased reporting, USA gets a look at “exceptional” teamspirit

6th Mar 2015

Mr Timmermans paves way for Britain’s continued membership of EU, “We are all signalling all of the time”, the BBC Trust are signalling incompetence.  DUP must be righteously furious over TV debates, Mrs Ellman needs to get a grip on this nonsense, driverless zombie cars should be resisted no matter how much the BBC etal want to promote them and their dystopian dreams, Nice touch, Grand Annual at Cheltenham renamed in McCoy’s honour

5th Mar 2015

German Industrial Orders plunge, Trafigura has it’s collar felt, BofE make new lows, Richard Hughes announces retirement from race riding

4th Mar 2015

Former Royal Marine killed fighting alongside Kurds in Syria, Morrison’s ex-treasurer jailed for insider dealing, London property boom built on dirty money, Boris Johnson turns “blind eye”

3rd Mar 2015

Barclays profits rise 12%

Bill Gates dystopian vision makes him world’s richest man

If the eyes are the windows to the mind, your hard drive and “Windows” captures all your minded thoughts and actions.  The “central controller” could then collect the “brain scores” and decide the fortunes of the miserable masses.  I hope Mr Gates has thought this through.

BBC’s image of trust and impartiality being smashed on the rocks

Tony Hall is spouting utter nonsense.  I’m sure she’s a lovely lady but “Rona Fairhead, HSBC and the BBC” should be the biggest scandal story of the decade so far, on a par with “who killed Lucy Beale in EastEnders ” and that was covered like it was Black Caviar by Frankel. BBC News requires a “caveat emptor” health warning.

2nd Mar 2015

Who’s working for who? BBC looks like the PR Department for HSBC, clear conflict of interests,  Prince William meets President Xi, Sports Direct desperate for an FD, may have to resort to Goldman or the likes of Robert Peston, Keynesian Socialists hoodwinking taxpayers in Wales

Ed Davey is a frothing central planning heretic, the type of bloke who would walk off a cliff to protect his misguided ideology.  This monstrosity is only being contemplated because of huge taxpayer subsidies, all the risks socialised, all profit privatised, no wonder the general public have no faith in politicians, especially pseudo green Liberal Democrats.

27th Feb 2015

House of Cards wobbles as “unemployable crackpots” cling to the potty, ECB’s Nowotny, Russia and Swift, UK being “suckled to death” as net migration soars

26th Feb 2015

Margaret Hodge and PAC asking the hard questions, RBS improving its position to make real profits only once its sold for a song, tax payers being fleeced both ways, China drop US technology giants

25th Feb 2015

FTSE limps to new highs

24th Feb 2015

Mrs Yellen to enlighten the world, Precious metal rigging investigated by US Justice/CFTC, German Union gets 3.4%, Chris Gayle on fire after taunt, Appalling judgement

23rd Feb 2015

Fetch that. Ball kicked 4 months down the road, Dry bulk shippers struggle as Baltic market trades at new lows, For once I’m looking forward to Channel 4 News

20th Feb 2015

His highness Mr Draghi going weak at the knees?, Without a real “Chinese Wall” telegraph statement merely a “paper promise”, Why can’t Mr Putin control his troops?

19th Feb 2015

US Marshall’s to knock Bitcoin off its imaginary perch?, Roaring inflation, Happy new year China

18th Feb 2015

Telegraph gets a look in the mirror as Peter Oborne resigns, The “play dead” routine not working anymore for “the media” and politics, Good news for Brooklands

Parc des Princes: I was fascinated watching PSG last night, they do things differently next door.  The ref gets his “pepper spray” out with purpose and you have to go through the abattoir’s curtain to enter the pitch, hardly civilised I thought.  I suppose that’s why its such good value, I’m thinking of moving there.  It seems the French crowd, like the Spanish go to football expecting a bull fight, full of bravery, grace, skill and sometimes the beauty.  The life of the bull ball encapsulated in the length of the fight and final outcome.

17th Feb 2015

Mr Draghi sets Friday deadline in early flirting, CPI flat as a pancake, China house prices continue decline, UK financial watchpuppy to investigate HSBC, Alex and Matt on form

16th Feb 2015

Germany look again at “project bonds”, Egypt bomb IS in Libya, Japan GDP fails to meet expectations

13th Feb 2015

Have no fear, BoE to investigate HSBC, Greeks operating cui bono, bank liquidations continue, Dubious German GDP data surprises on upside

12th Feb 2015

Some maybe thinking of investing in a helicopter pad, Euroland and Greece retire for the weekend, An open goal, Premier League can invest the gravy windfall in grassroots British football. Can they put it in?

11th Feb 2015

US and UK shut embassy in Yemen, A waste of space, “Hood and Blinkers” have not improved performance

10th Feb 2015

Subpoenas fly in New York, Tesco to sell stake in its “big brother” arm, Qualcomm pays China fine

9th Feb 2015

Rotten to the core, A thinly veiled bribe, the type of policy which started the luddite movement, Mr Tsipras puts a few cards on the table, New lows made in Ukraine, Work ethic and talent a formidable double, 20 time Champ AP McCoy to retire

6th Feb 2015

Good work by PAC, CME regress to the machines, Nice Try, Wales attempt the “keep it fair” routine

5th Feb 2015

Mr Draghi gets nasty, Enquiry head named at last, after all Australasia is our mirror, what will we see?, China eases again, Rotherham, England’s rotten borough, Tesco to be investigated by toothless regulator

4th Feb 2015

Bad day for Britain, taking the lead down the wrong road of eugenics, IS make new lows, spoiling for a fight, Systemic failure is cheap for S&P

3rd Feb 2015

Greece staggering around without a plan in a mad bad world, MP’s discuss mutant babies for the hatchery, Did the Fitzwilliam just authenticate its own provenance?, BBC caught with drone after frothing with prejudice over Prince Andrew, Early team selection makes Wales favourite

2nd Feb 2015

For me, Sir Nicholas Soames said it best “on the night he was right”, As pressure builds on the status quo in Europe, expect the unexpected, POTUS calls out the Republicans, China manufacturing PMI miss expectations, Murray hoodwinked by slippery Serb

31st Jan 2015

Serena Williams makes it No 19

30th Jan 2015

A catalogue of inconsistencies, In my experience, alibaba.com is a paradise for thieves and fencesWhat a shambles

29th Jan 2015

Patience”of the market showing signs of fraying, Mr Carney wades in, Japanese retail sales miss expectations, China to deal with margin trading?, Heavy signalling

28th Jan 2015

edmillibandvetA Plea to Politicians: Apart from apple’s tax avoidance, another thing I wouldn’t mind going out of fashion is male politicians obsession with doing the NHS by rolling up their sleeves and looking like a nervous vet.  Nobody is impressed or convinced. I worry Ed Miliband dreams of being “world controller” where “everybody belongs to everyone else” and nightime wildlife walks on Hampstead Heath are compulsory.

Mrs Yellen opens the spin room again, Apple plays the tax system for fools?, Songbird falls off its perch, Voting fraud warning underestimated, Sport: two approaches for dealing with suspect questions: violence or grace.  Not our finest hour

27th Jan 2015

S&P cuts Russia to junk, Do you believe in coincidence?, The LME moves the “Ring”, From the goodness of his wallet, BBC’s Lord Hall in double spout

26th Jan 2015

Greeks hand Mrs Merkel a hospital pass, Japanese trade deficit improves slightly on strong USD, Adam Jones retires from International rugby

23rd Jan 2015

USD makes 11 year highs vs Euro, Yemen enters a “political maze”, Strange decisions made at Team Sky, Syriza poll lead increases, King Abdullah dies aged 91

22nd Jan 2015

13.44pm Mr Draghi “goes over the top”, hoping the future will follow him.  Nobody will reform now Mrs Merkel, not in this Brave New World

Pre-briefed but all eyes will be on his highness Mr Draghi, Barclays wont get out of the dark pool, What a mouth! Last time I saw one like that it had a hook in it, If only the government could inject such zeal into other areas, Murray has found his feet, starting to move well again

21st Jan 2015

A bit rich Mr President, Couldn’t have happened to a nicer man, Chilcot makes new lows on “Democracy Day”, Fighting flares again in Ukraine, China stampede, nothing to see here

20th Jan 2015

Again, IMF cuts global growth, Syriza gains ahead of election, Robbie Fowler on target, again

19th Jan 2015

House price fall and margin rises hit Chinese stocks, Welcome to Davos, Aunty unsteady on top gear PR, Mr Draghi and QE gets to Martin Kaymer, Shaun Murphy wins Masters

16th Jan 2015

SNB gives the double-bird, Lines of communication drop, Amazon and Luxembourg in the EU’s crosshairs, North Sea Oil decision makers under pressure, caught with no insurance, The brilliant Rocket breaks century record with a brown

15th Jan 2015

Mr Cameron, time to evacuate some home truths, Japan machine orders collapse, Now Ireland wants debt talks, Australian racing brought into disrepute , Legend Jimmy Page harassed by philistine

14th Jan 2015

Copper dumps 6% in Asian time, $USD Index approaches 9 year high, World Bank cuts growth forecasts

Everybody knows either the tightening cycle occurs as expected or the Fed et al have to reverse direction again and print more against a growing public will, what a dilemma, tantamount to being asked whether you want to be strangled or stabbed.

Japan approves record kamikaze budget, Sir Jack Hayward dies aged 91

13th Jan

Copper and crude markets make new lows, start hunting for more pain, China trade data defies expectations, Now Mr Stiglitz weighs into Europe, Why did French Police Investigator commit suicide?, Blair to make first appearance in front of committee

12th Jan 2015

Liberty alive and well in France, UK liberty at risk from Theresa May, Mr Abe plumbs the depths of creditability again, Tony Blair spreading fire on the wind  Tony Blair does bad work with good words. I disagree with everything he does, “In a way gambling is pure, to see the truth of your actions”

9th Jan 2015

USAF withdrawal from 3 bases poses questions, German Industrial output and exports miss as pressure increased on Greece, “Greek potential king-maker” tries a pre-game bluff without the cards, Greens must be furious over Ofcom snub for TV “show”debates, A New Years greeting for USC employees

8th Jan 2015

Acts of savagery in Paris should only harden resolve against Muslim extremism, Mr Miliband’s huge misjudgement of “weoponising” the NHS , Industrial orders miss, Euro retests 9 year lows, Tesco starts cost cutting , Charlie Hebdo

7th Jan 2015

New Fed nominee as minutes announced, Ireland jump straight back in, Does my MP think footballing should be “regulated” work?

6th Jan 2015

Bluefin prices disappoint in Japan

5th Jan 2015

Germany and Greece, Frothing prejudice questioned?, Bloomberg reports from Iran, China considers opening up commodity futures, Gary Anderson wins PDC

2nd Jan 2015

Washington Times: Senate considers legislation to audit the Fed, Reuters advocates helicopter money for Japan, Wherever Steven goes he already knows he’ll never walk alone

1st Jan 2015

Did paper bring carnage to Shanghai?, Ed Miliband given the kiss of death, The Economist, with colours fixed firmly to the mast, happy to be the mouthpiece

31st Dec 2014

BP, Bloomberg and The Cartel, ICE buys good will by moving 1st on algo’s, China manufacturing PMI contracts, The voice of reason at the BBC, MS Dhoni retires from Test cricket

30th Dec 2014

Mr Abe shows his loyalty, Ebola briefly visits Glasgow, Biometrics busted, Pharmacists defend the indefensible, Hurricane Fly extends record

29th Dec 2014

What is it about Malaysian aircraft?, BBC diplomacy called out in Argentina, Are the Greeks still thinking in Drachma?, Dangerous ground, the NHS believe some are more equal than others, David Ryall dies aged 79

24th Dec 2014

USD Index 9 year highs, Dow 30 Index record high, Sony “fail to get the job” in double U turn spin, Russia introduces capital controls, ONS data called into question, Uber make new lows

23rd Dec 2014

Horrific crash in Glasgow, investigation awaited, Alstom busted by Justice Dept, Mr Xi getting good with his broom, The brilliant Ryan Moore crowned at the Lesters, Joe Cocker dies aged 70

Money, money, money.  In the global game of paper, scissors, stone, Germany (in relative terms) is holding the scissors, or the winning argument, with which to cut Mr Draghi’s paper.  Mrs Merkel must also be confident she is safe from being stoned by Mrs Yellen’s army meaning she still holds the winning hand.

22nd Dec 2014

Reuters: ECB considers making the weaker bear more QE risk, Italy has reprieve until March 27th, Mrs May has a full plate for Xmas, China against cyber attacks, Main stream of media confused over Joe Lewis

What concerns me about the MP for Maidenhead is apart from being ruthless, patronising, and as “cold as ice”, I always get the impression she starts her thought process by thinking “we can always fall back on superior firepower and intelligence”. While on the subject of the Home Office, her lap dog, Mr Brokenshire, well he could talk a glass eye to sleep.

19th Dec 2014

North Sea Oil bleat at being unhedged, Cyprus IMF loan knocked out on technicality, Panorama exposes Foxconn, EU disabled by obesity, The natural talent of Mrs Lumley to become reality, Massaro’s title defence ended by Waters

18th Dec 2014

US and Cuba restore ties, China house prices fall again, Germany moves on “illegal” tax breaks, SNB go negative, C of E wins 1st female Bishop

17th Dec 2014

How can you possibly deal with savagery like that?, Japanese exports miss, Are the clouds breaking to reveal Bush 3.0 vs Clinton 2.0?, What is it about Rochdale and Multiculturalism?, Mrs Yellen to enlighten the markets

16th Dec 2014

The squeeze is on, Russia gets its Roubles in a vice, Nothing to see here, Banks fixed, Dubious Refugee with dark criminal history causes havoc in Sydney, Robot passengers, a brazen in your face affront to humanity, Students taken hostage in Pakistan

15th Dec 2014

Mr Abe wins on record low turnout, He doesn’t like Chigwell and he’s got no Ethics, Theresa May to face Home Affairs Select Committee, Could oil price expose counterparty risk?, Scottish Labour win Jim Murphy

12th Dec 2014

Merry Xmas: House of Representatives pass budget, No laughing matter, ECB all in a spin , Mr Abe considers “shopping vouchers” ahead of election, Mr Khan off the hook

11th Dec 2014

Japan machine orders tumble, Blair and Straw have questions to answer, Labour want to cut the deficit but spending is ring fenced, Ed’s Balls unbalanced, Nobel prize makes new lows with explosive misjudgement, Weather dominates UK main stream of news 

10th Dec 2014

Bring out your dead, Japan pass new security law, The mainstream of media play dead over CIA enhanced interrogation, Congress pass $1.1 trillion spending splurge, Is stupidity and ignorance an excuse? A disgraceful couple, Bird and Bolter self harm UKIP, New Scotland Yard Sold

9th Dec 2014

Pigs flying over Mr Junker’s Xmas wish list, HK protesters given deadline, Tesco cuts profit forecasts by 25% , Work builds up for Gobby, Ruthless Abbott bowls 1st over bouncer

8th Dec 2014

US$ Index approaches 5 year high, Japan GDP revised down, Italy just avoids Junk status, UBS turns again to artificial intelligence, New broom needed at Vatican Bank

5th Dec 2014

New lows at Premier Foods, BBC must maintain balance, Qatar can’t make the Songbird sing, The Church of England become activist investors, Punters stunned by turn of events at Wincanton

Fate, or something, placed her hand on Wincanton racecourse yesterday after Chance Encounter won the 1st at 10/1, favourites won the next 5 races,  but the desires of trend followers were dashed with poetic justice as 2nd favourite Wishing and Hoping ridden by Richard Johnson won the last.

4th Dec 2014

The Autumn Statement:   The Chancellor proves you can make pain look good with words.  That’s real skill, necessary because of Milibands Balls past and present mistaken ideology.  George Osborne is a national asset.  Socialists, and keynesian fabian socialists at that, always want to buy at the top of a market and sell at the bottom, they are obsessed by control, wanting to micromanage and impoverish every aspect of their  “citizens” lives.  Conversely, conservative lovers of liberty want to set people free.  Virtue or vice, credit or debt, balance or imbalance, as Steinbeck said “that’s all there is”.  If there is any doubt left, George Osborne carries a credit to Ed’s Balls debt, and ceteris paribus the Conservatives are now favourites for the General Election, which according to the market is currently a contrarian view.  Time will tell.

More contrition at the garden gate by the irrepressible Mr Draghi?, Iranian airstrikes on IS?, Areas to avoid in 2015 announced, Arsenal stagger over the line

3rd Dec 2014

Danger, danger, danger: The dark road of eugenics, Google obviously involved, Saudi crude U-turn?, Greece rejects IMF demands, Government corruption report visually suggestive, Bobby Keys dies

2nd Dec 2014

Head’s up, logic and reasoning by Prof Hawking, China winning in crude game, Goodbye Mr Van Rompuy, Duncan Campbell wins Turner Prize, The Speaker grants debate on China rebuff

1st Dec 2014

Gold falls after Swiss Referendum, Violence flares in HK, Crude hits 5-year lows, China PMI miss expectations, How not to do contrition with humility and an overwhelming sense of honour

28th Nov 2014

Must watch if you have a sense of humour: even the dogs don’t like Mr Mitchell’s bark, Who’s pulling the Saudi strings?, The walking dead rise for Zombie Friday, SNP’s Sturgeon given the ability to blow a huge DEBT bubble, enslaving children that she does not have, Deutsche Bank raises its hands over the fix

27th Nov 2014

Smith Commission to serve up a dog’s dinner, More lust, greed, cunning and treachery planned for our distinguished trade?, Virgin Stagecoach gets to improve East Coast mainline, Is the SNP planning land confiscation for the Socialist Utopia?, Lord Coe runs for IAAF

26th Nov 2014

Will OPEC exercise Cui Bono?, Pope Francis and the EU, BOJ’s kamikaze economic logic, Tony Blair back on the offensive, Lib Dems moving at snails pace

Nick Clegg struts around the Westminster manor, opinions gobbling out of his mouth, all of them wrong, incoherent or stolen. Maybe he should have asked David Blunkett whether he had seen the problems in parts of Sheffield.

25th Nov 2014

Violence flares after grand jury clears officer in Ferguson, Mr Carney to face Treasury Committee

Mr Carney may have an easy-going manner and winning smile but fortunately I’m immune to his charm.  Most people want to understand him but can’t, I do and don’t want to.  To his credit, its hard defending the indefensible.  As we travel down the road of fiat economics financial obfuscation language or “forward guidance” has evolved towards utter nonsense and is in crisis. Until we make our money sound again nothing can improve for all instead of just the few.

Consequences of Swiss Referendum underestimated , Japanese young by AP, Best Wishes Phil Hughes

24th Nov 2014

China cuts rates, Some good legislation proposed by European Parliament, French Socialists don’t like working

Ex PM in Portugal arrested, England out-thought by good one-two pass and move football at Wembley

What a week in UK politics, “money creation and society” all debated and sorted in a couple of hours by an empty chamber of legislators, then the Home Secretary starts to betray her own stated principle of individual freedom with blanket internet surveillance proposals instead of concentrating on Muslim extremism.  Its tantamount to Sir Robin Knox Johnson firing his safety flare through his foot and hull in the middle of the Atlantic because he didn’t get the thunderball number in the Saturday night lottery, totally unbalanced.

21st Nov 2014

Emily Thornberry resigns after temper tantrum tweet, Eurozone PMI falls again, Mr Abe dissolves parliament , Maidstone United shock Stevenage in FA Cup, Lewis Hamilton strong favourite for F1 Win in Abu Dhabi

20th Nov 2014

Must watch BBC, Parliament to debate money creation and society, Another smart move by Sergio, Senate report on US Banks and commodities published, Controversy could spur Tiger back to his best , UKIP set to win 2nd MP in Rochester & Strood by-election

17th Nov 2014

Japan in recession, Nikkei in shock fall, Mr Salmond spits out the fly in a serious case of denial over referendum result, Serco chairman leaves as Carlyle circle, Mr Farrell’s privileged position with the coach is leaving English rugby lacking in the thinking department, A thrilling Cheltenham festival overshadowed by the death of Dessie Hughes

14th Nov 2014

Much work to do at G20 in Brisbane, Sturgeon season to start with a hook, a line and a sinker, Germany just remains positive, Murray, like his mum’s dancing, strictly unconvincing, Twitter debt junk

13th Nov 2014

IMF readjusts again Eurozone growth, Ed Miliband “I am auditioning to be PM of the country”.   The problem with actors is you don’t know when they are acting, B of E chief FX dealer fired, Could Sir John Major start a party of Liberty in Europe tonight?, Warren Clarke dies aged 67

12th Nov 2014

Fines of $3.4bn for FX rigging no disincentive for banks, Danger, danger, danger. Google takes over NASA airfield, Smart move by Germany, sell assets when they are expensive to finance other good causes, Good thing about Robert Peston, he’s consistently wrong.

Debt is merely spending the future today, which is by definition, unbalanced. The thing holding us back is our unsound, “debt to infinity” based money.  The cost of money, or the “interest rate”, is merely indicative of the confidence in it.  At the moment confidence is very low.  Personally, I would only borrow money when my confidence in something is very high.  Confidence in the UK property market is currently quite high, due to tight supply and rising demand, but when one realises that anyone with a mortgage is merely the 1st (ish) creditor of the bank which loaned the money, you can’t help see that debt is a dangerous weapon concept, especially a debt fuelled boom in one of the essential necessities of life, shelter and security.

If the future is made up of understanding our past experiences, you have to have a heart to care about the past. Only the heartless, those without feeling or empathy, live solely in the future.

11th Nov 2014

The hand of ECB’s Mr Mersch needs to be seen

If you like watching Grade A, 100% nonsense, yesterday in Parliament was a superb broadcast by the BBC, worth the license fee alone.  Was the European Arrest Warrant non-debate really the Governments best game of smoke and mirrors to get through some inconvenient but bad law?  If it was, then the May-Grayling fiasco was horrible car crash television.  Chris Grayling more interested in his nice dinner, Theresa May blinking uncontrollably like a rabbit in both headlights while her shadow glowed,  the Chief Whip running around wildly with his rubber truncheon.  Maybe next week we will be treated to watching the Home Secretary play with a toy calculator.

Japanese PM Mr Abe under pressure over sales tax hike, The state of Luxembourg, Why would Jimmy Greaves sell his World Cup medal?

10th Nov 2014

“Too big to fail” rules need to leverage some reality, Catalan Independence vote provides headache for Mr Rajoy, Blair hits new lows, writhing around on the seabed of credibility, Heinz and Buffett close UK plant, FA Cup: viewers, players, fans robbed of a spectacle by invisible pink ball

7th Nov 2014

Bank of America only sets aside $400m for currency probe, Canary Wharf owners reject Qatar bid, Shock horror, Home Office files disappeared, Markets await US non-farm payrolls, Grade A journalism by BBC’s Carrie Gracie

6th Nov 2014

Will Mr Draghi arrive in mask and cape for ECB press conference in Frankfurt?, Fresh HK clashes, German September Industrial orders miss again, Eurozone reconsiders new Greek bailout, Newsnight plumbs new depths of plausibility.  Grade A nonsense

5th Nov 2014

Republicans win control of Senate, Euro growth downgradenational central bankers round on super Mario, Theresa May starts to self harm, Interpretation of value, how to value immigration? Fact, fiat economics demand ever increasing markets for people and goods, until the bubble implodes

Daily comedy: Nick Clegg connecting with young voters  Nick Clegg opens up his abandoned barn of ideas for BBC3 viewers: he calls Lynne Featherstone a real pro, hanging tough; he denies he is Nick Clegg; he diagnoses and cures mental health live on stage; he gets on the offensive with a gay guy; and he refers to the country as a company; and of course defends the Euro.  I’m sure he considers that a good nights work.

4th Nov 2014

Bodies building up around Theresa May, The Beckham’s, insufferable vulgarian’s, EU threatens interest payments in zero rate Eurozone?, Republicans set to paralyse US politics in midterm elections?

3rd Nov 2014

In Japan weak arguments do not inspire confidence, British Bank 0f American Psycho, China continues with capital liberalisation, Substantial rigging needed for tightrope walk, Germany tries to play political poker

31st Oct 2014

Russia, EU and Ukraine sign gas deal, Banks set aside more for FX probe, BoJ blinks and blinks again, German retail sales fall, UK to redeem WW1 Consol bond

30th Oct 2014

End of an era?, Phil Collins still trailblazing

UK drugs policy debate: If drugs and prostitution are valued by HM Treasury surely they should benefit from them?  To tax and regulate under the Rule of law would help balance the budget, cut criminality, and control the direction of travel.  I sincerely hope the Liberal Democrats are not engaging in more shameless bribery electioneering aimed again at the younger generation.

29th Oct 2014

Markets await Mrs Yellen, Deutsche Bank posts 3rd Q loss, Calais plays politics, Are we heading towards Le Viager contracts?, Beauty in Tweed

A thought for the day “Why is French consumer confidence so low when they have markets of quality in almost every town?  With undoubtedly the best cuisine in the world, shame everything else has gone to pot.  If they could sort out the economics they could be the most desirable country on earth.  Socialism is a busted flush and to continue beating that old horse is criminal not productive.”

28th Oct 2014

I would bet on equal prize money in sport, Lloyds job losses confirmed, BOJ’s Kuroda QE to infinity?, China makes positive move over corruption

27th Oct 2014

25 Banks not fixed in stress tests, NPL’s approach 1bn Euro’s, Can Asda pick a sure fire winner with equal pay?, China growth is whatever it wants to be, UK pilots question drones, Qatar, Class is permanent, Murray wins in Valencia

24th Oct 2014

1st Ebola case in NY, Illegal drugs and prostitution do have a cost, £1.7bn, Euro zone bank stress tests to restore credibility?, Chinese house prices, Alternative thinking in football

23rd Oct 2014

The enemy of reason attacks Ottawa, Tesco’s culture of obfuscation is “out of date”, Speculation grows on ECB bank stress tests, French and Italian budgets under the spotlight, Evans is no star, but everybody should have the right to work, working is good

22nd Oct 2014

My best thought so far today: “Always reason with Cui Bono, self interest is a primary driver of individual actions”

Which ever way you look at it, Fiona Woolf does not inspire confidence, Welcome to the party Mr Juncker, as Mr  Draghi continues with the heavy lifting, Richard Hughes champion flat jockey, Cui Bono in action , UK links with Chile, Alastair Campbell exposes his condition live on the BBC: “you have to get into debt to get on in life”.  Labour confirmed as the party of debt

21st Oct 2014

My best thought of the day: “I truly believe this country needs the next leader to be female, intelligent, articulate and capable, like an Angela Merkel.  I worry though that Theresa May would be more like a modern day Boadicea.  Does her “nasty party” really need someone with the deportment of a closet sadist, similar to Duncan Bannatyne? That thought leaves me cold.  I see bucket loads of talent, especially in the media,  I wish they would step forward instead of waiting in the background for things to improve”

Shock Horror, Chinese GDP beats expectations, Bank Monte dei Paschi shares suspended again, Zombies still buying apples, Heads Up, US mortgage market a one-trick pony

20th Oct 2014

Two Japanese Ministers resign, Energy price aggregators exposed in PR campaign?, Mr Barroso bows out with a wimper

My best thought from yesterday: “Londoners need to get out more, lets be under no illusions, in my experience suburban London is just wife swapping, cannabis grow houses and other hidden secrets, such as No 5 having the chopped up cat from No 3 in his freezer”

17th Oct 2014

Google overtakes Goldman in political donations, Rising calls for West Africa travel ban, Germany wont be blinking on European QE, Apple underwhelm the zombies

16th Oct 2014

A brief peak at what unrigged markets look like, The Conservative’s Freudian view of the minimum wage, Crime and fines, business as usual for B of A, Facebook’s PR offensive, ECB reacts as Greek bonds tumble, Can HK protesters trust the government now?

15th Oct 2014

Clashes start in HK, Chinese inflation falls again, Drone sparks football brawl, BIS warns about the start of the tightening cycle

Australia isn’t our mirror anymore Maybe we should stop making ridiculous comments like: “Australians are only a hop, skip and jump away from the stocks” or “What’s the difference between Australia and yoghurt? Yoghurt has a Culture” or “How do you know Jesus wasn’t an Australian? They searched but couldn’t find 3 wise men or a virgin”.

14th Oct 2014

Treasury desperate to bring forward consumption in a unstable environment, What’s the view like up there? Will Mr Carney fix inflation, Note to self, never go to South Africa, Did CIDRAP announce possibility of airborne Ebola transmission?, Danger Danger Danger, Top Gear has run its course

13th Oct 2014

Tempers start to fray in HK, Bono disconnected from reality, Income tax receipts down, NHS on strike

10th Oct 2014

What have we got in the UK if not our past.  By-elections show that people want to reclaim the future, HK protests to get back on the streetsMore evidence that retirement soon to be cancelled , Facial recognition charges per laugh, Differences grow between ECB and Germany

9th Oct 2014

Fed spins out USD longs, Ebola screening needed at UK airports?, China to start currency war?, UKIP poised for 1st MP

8th Oct 2014

Fear builds as Ebola spreads, Syrian border town about to fallFacebook to let advertiser target by location, ECB all in a spin, Nick Clegg appeals to party with mental health issue

7th Oct 2014

HK formal talks agreed, German Industrial Orders fall, Glencore and Rio Tinto to create a monster?, Retirement cancelled

6th Oct 2014

HK protesters start talking Labour look back in anger, Suicide bombing in Chechnya kills 5, HMRC start psychological operations, Treve wins L’Arc, Nick Clegg opens his abandoned barn of a brain to an elderly and diminishing flock

3rd Oct 2014

Talks break out in HK, JP Morgan data lost up in the clouds, Mr Draghi starts to show his frustration, Money talks as Tapestry supplemented for Prix de L’Arc

2nd Oct 2014

As the conference season comes to an end, Mr Cameron plays for keeps, Argentina’s head of Central Bank resigns, Turkey joins the fight , Pressure builds in HK, Markets eye the start of the tightening cycle, Well said Mr Oettinger

1st Oct 2014

RAF jets on target, Mrs May lurches violently to the right, Liberty at risk.  What a shame, the Conservatives are crying out for the next leader to be female, Students have time on their hands in Hong Kong protests, Kurdish troops make gains, GDP high on coke and hookers, Commodities under pressure as USD strengthens

30th Sep 2014

Goldman and Bitcoin, a match made in heaven, Europe and China start trading EuroYuan, Morrisons ex-head of tax charged with insider trading, I wouldn’t bet on Brits eating horse, Newcastle dream of Moyes

29th Sep 2014

Pimco loses Bill Gross, Brooks No mark duped, while dribbling like a teenager, Murray bounces back to form, USA don’t adapt to Scottish conditions in a thrilling Ryder Cup

26th Sep 2014

Realistic strategy needed from PM, Garcia is pure class, Dubuisson is massively undervalued, Gallacher’s swing is beauty indeed, and the rest are proven winners. What’s not to like in team Europe, Perfect isolation in the North East still needs a fair deal and a dual carriageway, Corporate practice can be so much better, Toby Balding dies aged 78

25th Sep 2014

$USD strength continues, Tesco, accounting practices need wider probe, LA raises hotel minimum wage to $15, Last Mitford sister dies aged 94, Ryder Cup: Kuch tells Europe they have the fear of Poulter in them

24th Sep 2014

No Economics, champagne Socialists stagger around, unbalanced, Has Turkey joined the coalition?, Barclays fined twice in 1 day, Ebay accepts Bitcoin, risks becoming the new Market Ouvert, a paradise for thieves, Google in the news

23rd Sep 2014

Have Labour really found equilibrium?, Every little bit helps Tesco P/L, US treasury moves against corporate tax avoidance, Edinburgh panda’s phantom pregnancy, Coalition air strikes start

22nd Sep 2014

Westminster wants to devolve its problems to English regions, Will Labour prioritise voters or profit?, Shambles at Tesco, GSK fined only $1/2 billion for bribery, Boom times for Rentier Class, City smash United

18th Sep 2014

Dark clouds build over Scotland, House of Representatives approve arms, Tightening cycle brought forward?Australia really is our mirrorMargaret Hodge can’t turn right

17th Sep 2014

New tool for Mrs Yellen?, Mr Obama steps up Ebola aid, IS shoots down warplane, Mrs Clinton staffers face Benghazi committee, Calpers ditches 2&20 crowd, New Lows, SNP bully St Andrews Principle

16th Sep 2014

OECD cuts global growth forecasts, Love must be blind, Clegg ruins Recall Bill, More disgraceful abuse of power, SNP judgement continues to be revealed

15th Sep 2014

Chinese growth prospects falter, crude and copper prices look vulnerable, More clarity need by Mr Carney, i-stoop lane, London property premium needs to be reduced, Coalition builds momentum

12th Sep 2014

IS selling Oil to Turkey?,31,000, IMF calls for Japanese immigration, NZ Cairns to be charged with perjury, Sir Donald Sinden dies aged 90

11th Sep 2014

I.S in trouble, Gazprom cuts supplies, Invictus Games open in London, Good Call Mr Murdoch, Ladies Day

10th Sep 2014

Plumbing the depths of shame, Wright refuses to go, Santander chairman, Emilio Botin dies aged 79, EU Bank tests flawed, Mr Kerry starts to build coalition, Excitement builds ahead of St Ledger

9th Sep 2014

Some good news for Britain, Cable gaps lower, Brown secures deal maximus , England take the Swiss to the cleaners, No technical fault

8th Sep 2014

Pounded , Williams wins number 18, Ring of steel moves to Calais, Pentagon joins battle on Ebola, Philanthropist of the Year at work

6th Sep 2014

More contemptuous behaviour in banks exposed, No upside for UKIP in Glasgow, Lynsey Sharp tired after long campaign

5th Sep 2014

New Lows: DAX roofs as Euro dumps, Mr Salmond mute on hostage, World loses moments of perfect clarity, Mr Clegg hoodwinked by a 9 year old, Shelling continues near Mariupol

 4th Sep 2014

Time to see the cards?, Scorn poured on Mr Salmond’s threats, Boris goes to Big School?, Migrants try to storm ferry in Calais, Al-Qaida eyes India

3rd Sep 21014

Banks start manoeuvers, Another American beheaded by British Jihadist?, Isolation vying for favouritism, Countdown to Mr Draghi vs. Berlin faceoff, Plumbing the depths, Barlow’s “prayers of contrition”

2nd Sep 2014

Crumbling like my Auntie’s bad hip, BBC Scotland dismisses all balance in wide eyed Alastair Darling hit piece, Europe plans emergency gas measures, Saudi King warns IS could attack Europe, US within months, What’s the view like up there?,  3 parent eugenics, With references to the “Forty-Five”, Murray dismisses the Frenchman, chooses a better together strategy

1st Sep 2014

Boxed in, has Mr Draghi got any words left?, Ugly scenes as Yes Campaign mask drops, Athletes turn from guzzling to inhaling, Heads Up, Russia targets the clouds, 1st time buyers hooked by bigger bait

29th Aug 2014

Mr Schaeuble: “All agreed, UK is Better Together” “monetary policy only buys time, confidence comes from balanced budgets”, Change could be coming to the House of Commons with 1st UKIP MP, Tensions escalate in Ukraine, NO SHAME: Wright and crew still in post, Desperate times in Folkestone, More mass executions in IS land

28th Aug 2014

More evidence of broken Britain: When figures of authority show no respect for public opinion how can you expect the public to respect authority.  What a State of affairs. We need a “bonfire of the incompetents” starting with the disgrace that is Shaun Wrong Wright

27th Aug 2014

Predatory paedophiles slither unchallenged in plain view of authority, Robot sheepdogs, like a Luis Suarez, will have a vicious bite

26th Aug 2014

BBC Scotland’s dinner lady fails to break up playground handbags, as TV debate descends into farce, All change please, Mr Hollande replaces Cabinet, 3 parent babies ! ? !, Tiger goes back to basics

25th Aug 2014

All eyes on Salmond as even the fish in the tweed lose their appetites

22nd Aug 2014

IS: Real, Present, Danger, Deutsche Bank and RWE puke natural gas, What is going to come out of Jackson Hole?, Yes Campaign: scraping the bottom of the barrel?, England win a football match, in style

21st Aug 2014

Europe salivates over French cheese mountain, Mr Stiglitz “a break up will be very costly”, London cupboard cheap @ £7.5k?, Australia confirms greatness, Hundreds rally in Ireland, rape victim denied abortion

20th Aug 2014

Savages, Ebola measures tighten in Liberia, Toot Toot, the gravy train is coming, Brussel’s Diplomacy?, All eyes on York as Ebor Festival starts, New kennel building programme needed for Theresa May’s Lapdog Law?

19th Aug 2014

Iraq’s Mosul Dam Secured, BBC’s voice of Football dies aged 78, Ex-Rabobank employee pleads guilty in Libor rigging, Mr Salmond’s NHS pitch doesn’t even reach the mound, Missouri misery continues, Holder heads to Ferguson

18th Aug 2014

National Guard on the streets of Missouri, Kurdish Forces gain in Mosul Dam area, Business judgement by Cherie Blair, Farah double tops record breaking champs, Business flight starts in Scotland, Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund and political oversight

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