Illusions of Time and a Ship of Fools

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white cliffs of DoverElection success has handed Mr Cameron and the Conservatives sole charge of the ship and the opportunity to fashion a new rudder with which he can chart a course through these shark invested waters.

It’s been said many times before that the only conversation ever worth having in politics or intellectual discourse is about “the money”, not because it in itself has any great value to society, but because we value everything we do in it.  This is undoubtedly true yet so few want to talk about it, just look at the mainstream media who appear to feign the belief that the economics world is flat and the sun rises twice a day.  Most of them maybe blissfully ignorant of their acquiescence but those who do stand on the bridge of the ship of fools in a grubby and tawdry garb.

Today Mr Carney reiterated the Governments desire to pursue the 2% inflation target.  This inflation trend is only required because historically Governments around the world haven’t paid back their loans and they themselves have become financially enslaved to the bankers who lent them the money in the first place, rolling over, again and again, in a bondage of debt.

From the time money was first conceived to facilitate the trade of goods and services, the process of banking and money lending has always been a highly controversial issue and unfortunately attracted more than its fair share of crooks and spivs because the processes involved require little physical effort or artistic flair and more obfuscation and duplicity.  You don’t have to take my word for it, the Government was obviously switched onto the danger, the evidence is all around in plain view, for example, the PM’s official role is actually First Lord of the Treasury.

The question we need to ask ourselves is do we want, as a country, to be continually beholden to an industry or scheme which guarantees future failure, increasing inequality and financial enslavement.  The right answer must be no, but that reveals the wider problem that we are only partial leaders of our own destiny because the banks have no respect for geography and have infected countries across many borders and seas with the process of debt.  So, the game of money is relative and that fact was, and is, the bankers greatest stroke, the ability to play many sides against each other.

Over the pond, in the great lands of the free and brave, Mr Obama should hold the key to the solution.  Only he can lead the world and chart a course through this problem and get the banks back on the leash.  If only the American people could see that Washington has been hijacked by the banking interests.  American’s used to be able to redeem their $’s in gold, now they can only redeem them in the next generations misery.

But who controls the money? The law of the land controls the money but it was parliament and government who instigated the law, although behind this lies the big banking interests who ultimately pay the bills.  Textbooks say the government’s actual role is to preserve power, maintain continuity and stable governance but they themselves are beholden to the financiers and financial system which finances the deficits and buys the rolled debt.  All of which proves Jefferson, or whoever it’s attributed to, correct when he said “those who control the money, control the people”.

Today’s Fiat or synthetic money produces illusions of time in the recipients or holders mind.  Users of the money know the paper is ultimately just that, paper and therefore of little real value and merely a legally enforced illusion so they bring forward consumption from the future instead of holding onto it; they spend it today and borrow from it the future.  It is mirrored in today’s accounting practices, a legal conflagration of profit booked and recorded ahead of time.  Accountants are asking people to believe an illusion of time, to account today for something as yet unseen and unmade, a blatant imbalance with the real natural world, for example, on plains of Africa, the lion cannot eat what it hasn’t yet caught.

Once again all this obfuscation converges to the benefit of holders of real assets, those based on genuine limited supply which cannot be reproduced or copied such as land or a Matisse.  Today’s prices of such reflect all the expectations of money limited, in theory, by only the amount of pulp in the world.  Perversely, a landowners best investment would be to plant trees on their land because that would, ceteris paribus, ensure the continued existence of paper for money to be printed on.

Every second, every tick tock, under this current system represents the further enslavement and relative suffering of the upcoming generation and those without real assets.  The deception, designed from and perpetrated on, the Anglo Saxon West, primarily in America and the UK, is protected at great length by the mainstream media gatekeepers of accepted truth, thinly veiled propagandists for the banks, like the BBC have been compared to. So when you next hear them express faux concern over the “crisis in housing” or “growing income inequality” on the likes of the Today programme, you can rest assured, behind the scenes, they are probably congratulating themselves on a wonderful piece of parody, a fiction, a “hood and a wink”, paid for by your generous compulsory contribution.

Back to the future, despite the enormity of the bailouts and new wave of indebtedness, the banking crisis has exposed the flaws of fiat money and could have paved the way for Mr Cameron’s greatest success. Zero interest rates or money of zero cost, and in fact, negative real interest rates, signal that the money has no store of value, and that holding the money actually has a cost. This distortion of the economic orthodoxy has actually led Mr Cameron to a golden opportunity, a chance to arrest back control of the money from the banks.

The recent appointments to government of ex-bankers may look counter productive but it could be a skilful ploy by the PM. Mr Cameron could gather together the collective will and embark on his greatest achievement, to re-leash the bankers and their fiat money and set free fair play and the ingenuity of the talented nation. To past this opportunity by, and ignore the most important issue of the times, would be a state of denial and, as a result, we would continue to drift, hopelessly, as backward time travellers on a ship of fools.

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