Horse racing is the home of Liberty

Posted by: on Sep 22, 2014 | No Comments

wigmore hallUK and Irish horse racing is high on life. Where else can you share the thoughts and desires of Kings, Queens, Lords, Ladies, Lads and Lassies all on one field, in our green and pleasant lands.

The great British public will not forget the disgraceful hit piece this Saturday by the Daily Mirror. I, for one, will now refuse to have my chips wrapped in the Mirror.

Yesterday, the 4.30 at Plumpton was won by Teak, owned in Ireland by Fermanagh, trained by Ian Williams. In addition, a plumber from Berwick, a trader from London, and a housewife from Liverpool, amongst many, weighed in with speculation, financial and emotional. Who says the British don’t talk to each other? Liberty of opportunity is found on the racecourse, more than anywhere else in Britain.

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