Happy Valentines Day

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Norham CastleFor over 300 years, the 14th Feb has been the best day of the year for breeding.  The start of the thoroughbred season kicks off the noble art of eugenics in the equine world and operates mostly unheralded at studs all over our green and pleasant lands.  Thought, preparation and hope mark the covering of top-class mares by the best stallions available to the owner.  Its big business and helps keep the UK and Ireland connected with the world and nature by attempting to manage and mould agility, speed and spirit of these beautiful creatures.

The other day I took the risk of crossing the Tweed into the lands of Lord Roxburghe for a afternoon of racing at Kelso.  All was swell, especially as a good crowd got to witness AP McCoy’s last winning ride on the course.  It was a hive of emotions, good and bad but when AP unsaddled Holywell after winning the 3 mile Chase easily with poise and balance, the crowd were cock a hoop with respect and joy.

In the paddock some truly lovely specimens were also on show.  To be honest, some of the lassies easily won best turned out compared to some average equine animals and this had caught my eye and briefly blinded me from my racecourse betting strategy.  I don’t know what Jim McGrath thinks of it but when I have unpicked the puzzle and made my selection I always approach a bookie with “I’ve come here to give you £40″ (or whatever your stake).  If they don’t respond by asking whether you want a bet, then walk away with your money.  If they do, you may well have flipped the odds slightly in your direction, and as markets are always made on the margin you could be on a winner.  When I had retuned my concentration it was nearly dun to perfection. Oh, and another tip, it can only work if your wearing a cap.  The man with a cap has ideas he wants to keep.  I’m on a roll, so if you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll evacuate another approximation of truth, never back a favourite tipped up and widely exposed by the main stream of media, it has too much additional “weight of emotion” to carry.

Driving back I was struck almost dumb by the realisation that through their own volition, people and families are going green, maybe subconsciously reacting and resisting the “rise of the machine” we see everywhere in our lives.  Just like the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, a William Morris esk “back to basics” movement is alive, well and growing throughout the north of these lands and not just in the utter beauty and space of Northumberland and the Borders.

Even in the under valued jewel of England, Northumberland has been subjected to one of the more misjudged abuses of power and money, a disaster of a stature approaching the banks betting the house country on the housing market.  While heavily subsidised by tax and bill payers, windfarms represent an unfair and ugly transference in all the wrong directions.  As pockets are picked, they send whirlwinds of instability into the atmosphere, itself playing a part in the influence of the machine over the natural world.  Like the flapping wings of the Amazonian butterfly the smallest change in the natural rhythm has repercussions.  Only when we learn to balance them will we be more human in nature.

Happy Valentines Day.




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