Clubbers who gamble can disable a lion with a smile

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mccoy1Gambling should be fun, like a night in a Wigan Casino, to weigh doubt against reason. For me, the noble sport of horse racing provides all the fun of the fair.

The skill and balance of the rider, the co-operation and athleticism of the horse, and the thrill of a race. What perfect sport.

The added danger and bravery of National Hunt racing will soon delight lovers of equine sport and punters alike. Oh, and great advice can come from the most unlikely of places. The well informed judge, Jim McGrath from Channel 4 Racing, recently gave an excellent free tip for all those clubbers and festival goers out there.

Like a high knee action thoroughbred usually indicates a lover of soft ground, high knee action on the dance floor usually means a goer on any ground, with which you might end up with dirty knees.

With that in mind, you can then unleash the lines beautiful prose which can disable any defence, if delivered with the correct sincerity.

Picture the scene, awkward moment at the bar or wherever, nobody talking but wanting to. When you feel the awkwardness, then the time is right ripe (to the object of your desire): “I’ve decided to change my life, right now, this minute, and the first stage is talking to you,” pause, and when the inevitable smile melts across her face, “hello, what’s your name?”

Now your talking, and its up to you, good luck.

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