An Independent Swivel Eyed Dream

Posted by: on Sep 2, 2014 | No Comments

salmondI was always told to be wary of people constantly rubbishing everything, as it usually hides the fact there is something they really want.  In finance speak, its called “shading the stock”.  The Yes camp refusal to accept the economic and monetary facts of life is risking not only the prosperity of Scotland but will inevitably effect the rest of the island.

I always thought the Scots were a hard, canny race not maudlin romantics after a few bevies.  The Independence campaigns classic Mary Queen of Scots scam fraud judicious acquisition will not wash.  Its been tried too many times before and always ends in tears.

If Queen King Alex wants the crown for the Stuarts, he needs to come clean right now.  I suspect he would rather like to debate Her Majesty The Queen, rather than David Cameron. .  If he does, things will descend quickly like a disputed result in an old firm game.  Is Mr Salmond really operating in reality or merely a deceitful swivel eyed dream.

Personally, I still have faith the Scottish people will see sense on September 18th.  We have, and always will be, Better Together.

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