A Wasted Afternoon in Parliament

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parliament2Although I wouldn’t recommend it, I had the pleasure of watching a House of Commons division being called the other day. I enjoyed the Speaker employing his sizeable wit and intellect to flay the mediocrity of the debate, but I couldn’t help thinking what a collection of misfits, beer bellies and caddish insincerity. It reminded me of my Grandad’s pigeon loft, endless chatter and loads of mess on the floor. He loved those birds, he set them free to fly and they always returned, now that’s beauty.

I briefly switched over to the Lords but after five minutes I had nodded off, spilling my highball all over my lovely Bergama rug. That got my blood up and I was tempted to make a call to Rentokil for the infestation of vested interests and duplicity breeding in the House of Lords.

I have heard it said “culpability unites national trouble and strife” and the day to day coverage of politics from the main stream of media is a case in point. All I see is a revolving door of twenty or so faces, decanting low grade anaemic pigs swill, while in the real world the markets are rigged and they are swinging through the trees lying, robbing and enslaving children. When are we going to clean up our act?

I went back to the Commons to give it another go and not rush to conclusions, but the chamber was all but empty apart from the Green Party’s Caroline Lucas who it seems is growing a substantial fan base. Like the Pied Piper she is followed by a dribbling band of heart smitten Labour and SNP MP’s fighting over who can catch her eye, or get to snuggle up next to her on the benches. Personally, I find that sort of behaviour unbecoming and falling well short of the standards required for the House of Commons. I hope Mr Bercow can have a word with the culprits.

The public know parliamentary politics is going really well if you like hubris, complacency and hypocrisy. How some of these MP’s have the gaulle to even stand up and spout completely baffles me, they must be disconnected to the point of autism. The MP for Hackney, Dianne Abbot is but one case in point, an archetypal media talking head subsidized by an MP’s salary. I despair for the people of Hackney if they can’t see that she does not have their best interests as priority, that is her own personal aggrandisement and taste for power. Completely lacking any consistently sound fundamental judgement, economic or otherwise, opinions seemingly generated by the last thing she heard, a creature similar in stature to the busted Emily Thornbury. What a state of affairs the Labour Party are in, taking people for fools with empty words.

Time for a lowball I think.

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